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Thread: Completely fell in love with NYC on my recent visit.

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    Default Completely fell in love with NYC on my recent visit.

    Hey, long-time lurker on here ... but I've made a few posts. Wasn't sure what category to post this in, but I guess this works.

    I just came back from NYC on Monday night, and yeah I was there through the storm. This was my third time in NYC, and wow I just completely developed a love affair with the city this time around. First two times I was there, not so much. I always found myself comparing it to D.C. and liking their subway system much better, but nothing can touch NYC.

    I am in a position to move in the next year or so, and will most certainly do NYC if I can. If not, I know I will end up there in the next 3-4 years. Battery Park City is an area I absolutely loved on every visit, perfect area for me when I can afford it in a few years.

    It's just nice to have found a city I really like. At the beginning of the 6-day trip I started out with the same opinion I had of the city last time, and left with a different one. It was also pretty crazy to have been there when the subway was shut down.

    Not much else to add, just thought some of you would appreciate hearing this.

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    Besides the subway, what were the other things you didn't like?

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    I think I was just overwhelmed by the city and found myself liking D.C. more in that regard. Now that I can get around the city easily and have been there a few times, I guess I gained an appreciation for it.


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