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Thread: Moving to New York from the UK

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    Default Moving to New York from the UK

    I am currently 17 and doing a BTEC in software development in the UK.

    I want to move to NY when i am 18/19, how easy would it be for me to get on my feet in NY?

    Just looking for any advice really, i am a US Passport holder already.

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    Then you have the biggest issued solved straight away as you don't need a visa. It will be extremely easy to move to New York. Just consider the job market I imagine is still pretty tight so keep that in mind before you move without a job. Go over for a visit and start looking for a job. Find one then make the move permanent.

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    I also have a friend of a friend who lives there who i can stay with for a bit. So i think the main problem will be a place to live and a job. Cheers for the answer. Ill start looking online now


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