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    Red face Apartment Hunter. Huzzah!


    I am looking to move to NYC after I graduate in May. My future roommate already lives in Manhattan but she is also a student and she currently lives in a Catholic Residence. I am looking for an apartment around $1,000 a month or so. Does anyone think it is possible to have a studio or one bedroom apartment and have two people on the lease? I am less concerned about the area since she has been living there for years I am sure she will have an idea of where she wants to live.

    I was also wondering about small dogs and cats. Do you find that most apartments allow this or no?

    Thank you so much!

    Also, can anyone recommend some valid sites for apartments for rent. I found one and I just want to be sure these are valid sites:

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    I've dealt with managements that are open to having shares in studios.

    Where are you looking to live? $1000 won't get much in Manhattan south of Harlem but will get you a good place, maybe even a flex 2 bed in Brooklyn or Queens.

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    I am not sure where I should look. I have a friend who is looking for an apartment near Harlem. She and her boyfriend are moving there in January. Of course, I am unfamiliar with the areas so I do not know what the financial status of each area is like. Can you recommend a village, neighborhood, etc.? Would you recommend looking in Brooklyn or Queens area?

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    Depends on what you are looking for. For your budget I would recommend either Brooklyn or Queens. A good friend of mine just moved in with a roommate to a nice place in Astoria, Queens and he pays about $850 (for just him, not sure what the other guy pays). It's just two of them and their place is pretty big (by New York standards anyway).

    Is there anyway you can come to NY before you need to move just to check out a few neighborhoods? That would be the best way. I remember when I moved here I was coming into the city every weekend and it was... eye opening. If you can stay with someone for a little while to get a sense of things, talk to people, etc, it would do more than anything someone here could tell you.


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