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Thread: New York City Subway Diagrams

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    Cool New York City Subway Diagrams

    I'm sure there are some people here who would dig these. Since I'm hawking my wares I'll post this in here and not in the main forums.

    These 9 large format posters feature a full color minimalist approach. Each subway line is represented geographically (to scale, though each poster is a slightly different scale) with the subway line removed from the whole, abstracted to create interesting line shapes. All stations are included and labeled using clean and crisp Helvetica (what else?).

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    I wanted to let everyone here know that I've started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print these on my own. Each donation of $25 will get you one poster (of all nine). Because it's Kickstarter the project will only be funded if it reaches 100%. We are at 50% now with two weeks left. Be awesome and help us out!

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    Forgot this was here so time for an update:

    The Kickstarter was a huge success and the posters have arrived.

    They are now on sale at my online store with Free shipping!

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