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Thread: Moving to NY--Which borough for the money/safety?

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    Default Moving to NY--Which borough for the money/safety?

    Hi there, I am a new member and desperate for some advice = )

    I will be needing to move to NY and sign a lease for Jan 1st hoping no later. Even sooner would be better, say Dec 15th (so if anyone out there knows of anything, please let me know, it would be much appreciated).
    I will be living with a roomate, and our budget is $500/600 each tops so about $1200 total. We are just looking for a place that is not too grimey and is safe to walk to and from a subway as we both are car-less and will be fully reliant on the subways. As a chick, I am not keen on the idea of having to roam around too far when Im walking solo and in transit so we want to be near a subway....he is a personal trainer at a gym and I work in health care. We are both 25 and not rich by any means, just two hard working young people trying to survive and enjoy NY.
    I realize our budget is on the low end and most places are $1200 for a one bedroom, but I know there must be SOMETHINGS out there, right?
    I am open to bBrooklyn-williamsburg, greenpoint,crown heights, etc.....Queens-astoria sunny side, woodside, and parts of Harlem that fit my above description. Even the Bronx- like Yankee Stadium area. I know I know....but we really don't care where we live- it sounds so scattered I know but we both have the ability to work from different locations in NY when we choose, so it truly makes no difference. Any place that's affordable and relatively safe is my main focus. Should I be considering any other areas not mentioned, or cross off anything from my list?
    Also if anyone knows of any 1 bedroom shares anywhere, I'm open to that and ditching my roomate. At this point I've just got to move asap.........Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks to whoever took the time to read this! Be well

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    Perhaps I should mention- he is currently living in NY upper west side with his sister. I live in CT and visit NY all the time so I am not totally unfamiliar, but am still learning. = )


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