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Thread: Moving to NYC with 14 month old and Husband this year!

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    Default Moving to NYC with 14 month old and Husband this year!

    My husband and I and our baby are planning a move to NYC this september-ish. We are transferring with both of our jobs and are wondering what the best areas (lowest crime) and a good area to raise children.

    Were not too picky on the place, we will rent at first and start searching for our first condo after that. I've been researching online so much and its hard to narrow down areas that meet these criterias.

    We are visiting NYC this february and want to physically visit the areas we are looking into moving to and get info on apartments in the area so were ready come this summer. My husband grew up in Wayne, NJ and he has family there, as well as part of my family lives in the village etc...

    I absolutely love the city and everything about it, the culture, the people, the feeling everything! I'm very excuted about our move, but also completely lost.

    Any help about different areas we could visit to get an idea of our next place would be amazing.

    Thank you so much!

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    there are a lot of baby strollers in Park Slope...

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    Your budget will be a major determiner. But the kid friendly areas are Upper West/East sides, Park Slope, Ft Green, and "South Brooklyn" which is Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Cobble Hill.

    Also check out schools as you can find a great neighborhood but not all parts will be in the school zone you might want.

    A warning about prices, though, especially when renting. Prices are highest in the summer and lowest in February so if you see something you like now chances are it will be about 10% more expensive come time to actually move.

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    Our income combined is around 130,000 per year.

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    Most landlords require you to make x40 the rent. With that calculation you can qualify for $3,250. It depends on what space you are looking for. On the UWS you can get a big 1 bed or a small 2 bed, on the UES you can get more space for the money. Brooklyn I'm not as familiar with but depending where you are you'll get much more for your money, though the commute will be much longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taradene View Post
    We are transferring with both of our jobs
    Where will you be working, and what commute times are you looking for?


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