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Thread: In the Future, "Back to the Future" Has a Future

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    Somewhere else in another post, I bemoaned the demise of the SAAB, wondering if the nameplate , the marque, will be forever lost. Then, I saw a story about a Brit who has a Houston facility where he restores old DELOREAN automobiles, which he sends out to the streets with twice the horses of the original--260--and they are retrofitted with all-electric motors!!! De Lorean, which went bankrupt back before there were computers to record the event, was thought to be a retired nameplate, like SAAB has become ( and, Pontiac and Plymouth-- and others)-- but it has been resurrected and will once again be available for purchase as a NEW car, updated for the Modern Times we all occupy.

    Freaking De Lorean has come back, here in the Future!!!

    The man behind this (who's name I do not know anymore) has somehow PURCHASED De Lorean and moved it all to Texas-- the tooling, the parts, the drawings and plans, along with what looks like DOZENS of partially or fully-built examples of the car which he is rapidly rebuilding with the electric motors and is selling for around $100,000, FOB Houston. He has the immediate capability to create and assemble brand new De Loreans, and may produce an internal combustion version, altough he maintains that he is dedicating his company to electric vehicles. And he intends to produce them in the original stainless steel bodystyle.

    The original De Lorean, financed by the British Government (and partially by the potential profit from cocaine sales) was NOT a sportscar, despite it's wedgy, Guigaro-designed looks. It was underpowered --130 smogged horsepower-- poorly geared and it handled like a kit car. The interior was spartan 1980s, all black vinyl, and the car's signature, the zoomy gullwing doors, would always--always-- catch you right in the forehead when they raise up, and make you see stars just before you drive it. I know--I've driven DeLoreans WHILE seeing stars.
    Delorean quality was so bad that when the cars reached America they all went to a company facility to have all the defects corrected before they went to their customers. The early '80s DSC ( De Lorean Safety car) was nearly forgotten until Marty McFly drove one into a movie theatre and a whole new generation came to recognise the car. Only a few thousand were ever produced, and when the business went belly up the entire company became the property of the British Government, left alone, presumibly, to moulder all these years in some Belfast warehouse.

    No more.
    De Lorean LIVES!!!
    A movie should be made about John Z De Lorean and his unusual car. There'd be corporate success, fraud, silver cars, drugs, international intruigue, a Playboy Lifestyle and more than a few GTOs. Maybe George Clooney as John Z.
    Done right, it could be a must-see.
    Maybe someday someone will make a movie featuring SAABs and they will return to the fraternity of lost cars... another "Bandit" movie would definitely bring Pontiac back....Ah, I should live so long.
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    Believe it or not but there is a Delorean in my Tuscan town.

    And couple of years ago there was even a Delorean get-togther here.

    As I remember it, there are 11 of them registered in Italy.

    Upon seeing them I was struck by the fact that they look much better "in the flesh" than they do in photos.

    The interior is pretty ugly though, in 1980's Atari style.

    Some Deloreans in Italy:

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    Never measured up to the Lotus.


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