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Thread: Australia to New York for 3-12 months

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    Default Australia to New York for 3-12 months

    I've been wanting to to move to New York for several years, and now I finally have the opportunity to do it. I'm 22 and work as a web developer, which means I'm not constrained to an office. I approached my employer and asked if he would mind me working from NYC for 3 - 12 months and he was very supportive of it. This means I can move there without having to worry about finding a new job, and once I'm there I can find a new job and live there permanently, or move back to Sydney and continue with my current job.

    So: job - check, flights - easy enough, accommodation - this is where I need your expert advice!

    I've done research and Brooklyn seems like the best place for me to move to. Prices in NYC seem to be pretty similar to Sydney, so I am looking to pay about $1000 - $1500 p/m for a nice place (probably shared with 1 -2 people).

    1. What are the best methods of finding accommodation?

    I've heard from word of mouth that you can 't go past craigstlist, but that obviously requires me to be in NYC to look at the place/sign for it. Which leads me to my next question....

    2. How do I find an initial apartment?

    I don't want to leave Sydney, rock up in NYC with a few suitcases and nowhere to stay. The only thing I can think of is to stay in a hostel until I find a place. But that could take ages. Surely there is a better way of finding short/long term place to live.

    Thanks in advance for and replies, all advice is greatly appreciated.

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    If you don't intend to buy a condo or rent a luxury apartment than craigslist is the way to go.
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    Hi Clare, I'm not sure if you still want information (you may already be here by now), anyway I would recommend booking a short term sublet ready for when you first arrive. Stay there for a few weeks while you are looking. is a pretty good site to find short term options - but try to use trusted/verified posters. Suzy

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