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Thread: One Penn Plaza

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    Well look at it this way:

    If it had been built 10 years later it might have wound up being a hideous post-modern pile... or maybe sheathed in mirrored glass.

    In other words, it coulda been worse.

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    This building is a bore-fest. ZZZZZzzzzzz.

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    Okay, I can't resist. I mentioned that One Penn inspired my halloween/convention costume this year? I designed a costume that's essentially an avatar of the building. Note the silver pinstripes, just like on the real building, the red and white accents (like they use in the lobby), and all that lovely black fabric
    Here it is! BTW, it earned me an honorable mention in the Master's category at the convention's costume contest.

    Here's the entry, with some pics taken at the real One Penn Plaza:

    And here's my fave pic from the convention, after I 'shopped it a little.

    What the heck, here's one of the NYC pics, before I finished the headpiece:

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    Wow.......well done. What can I say: 'may the force be with you' LOL

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    While my friend and I were having fun outside, security actually invited us into the building lobby, so they could admire our handiwork. They thought it was pretty cool that somebody would choose their building as the subject of such a project, one of them said that the building manager would love it if he were to see it. Even one of the building tenants thought it was great, and wanted a picture. Unfortunately, they've got a rule- no pictures in the lobby. Boo. The lobby of One Penn is actually pretty nice, I would love to have some pics.

    I remember explaining who/what I was to one of the staff at Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock. He said "One Penn Plaza? That's kinda..random, isn't it?" I answered "Not if you really like One Penn Plaza!"

    As for my weaponry, I'm using my saber prop as a stand-in for a psionic energy weapon, and currently am working on building a customized one that will act a little differently than my regular lightsabers. It will sure sound different too Let's face it- Skyscraper+cool glowing weapon= pure win
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    Dont hate, dont love it. Its just your standard Class A office building.

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