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Thread: Can anyone name this skyscraper?

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    Default Can anyone name this skyscraper?

    While I was in New York, I went on a straight up city trek one fine sunday. I walked all the way from the New Yorker on 8th avenue, across 34th street, and all the way to Lexington. I went up Park Avenue a ways too, and ended up on 57th street eventually. Somewhere during all of this, I snapped a picture of this here skyscraper. Can anyone identify this tower? I thought it looked cool and pointed a camera at it, but forgot to look for a "nametag" anywhere.

    Here it is, anyone want to play "name that skyscraper"?

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    That's 450 Park Avenue. I've always admired this building, it may be a box but its very dignified and classy with the repetition of slightly arched segments, it also has excellent proportions.

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    It's also right nest to the future 432 Park ave. tower.

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    Yeah, it was the curves in the gridwork of its facade that got my attention. Quite a handsome tower, I'll have to look up the architect.

    Edit- Architect's been gone and looked up- believe it or not, this skyscraper is the work of Emery Roth and sons, who also did a lot of other skyscrapers on Park Avenue. Normally the Roths didn't care too much for the skin of a building, specializing in efficient floorplans and mechanical installations, the so-called belly of the building. But it looks like somebody did a fantastic job on the facade here!

    And the building's got its own website:
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    Actually, Now that we've ID'ed this handsome monolith, can one of the mods change the thread title to the building name, so we can turn this into a discussion thread?


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