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Thread: Wanna Learn Chinese?

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    Hello, I am rocky , first , I want to tell you that my english is poor .... I am from China , and want to make friends with you, I want to know everything about American, I don't know how can I find some place for me to get someone of American. And I get here by Google "New York BBS".

    why "New York BBS"??? I know New York is a big city in USA, and I don't know how can find friends of American except the BBS.

    if you can understand my poor english above, help me , thank you very much!!!

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    er... I have forgot sth...the purpose... I am curious with you who are American , I want to know your city ,your country , your habits and so on ....
    and maybe , maybe you want to learn Chinese or you are learning Chinese , Perhaps we can help fro each other. I want to learn English too! you see , my English has to

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    and my moblie phone number is 188756009152 , I don't know if you can call this number.... Maybe you have to call like this: 8618756009152 add 86 to the front of number.

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    Um..... no.

    You can post here if you want man, but giving up your phone number on a public BBS in the first 10 minutes you are here is either suspicious or just plain stupid.

    You don't do things like that unless you are trying to trick someone, or if you are genuinely naive and believe that nobody will abuse your trust giving out your number....

    This is all that I was able to find:

    Come in and chat with us a while before expecting us to call China....

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    I was immediately suspicious because his English is hardly poor.


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