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    So I was recently hired into a company in the Weehawken area. Since the place is so close to NYC, I have been considering either living in NYC, Hoboken, Union City or Weehawken.

    I am a 23 year old female, so safety is a big concern for me. I would love to break into the design industry and have always wanted to live in new york. So just wanted to know what your thoughts are.

    Would the taxes be ridiculously high?

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    Taxes, no.

    Rent, yes.

    Just know that if you decide Hoboken (and use the Light Rail to get into work) that any building that was built before 1970 (or close to that) may be rent controlled. The realty agency and landlord will not tell you this.

    So if you like Hoboken, find a place you can afford (a decent brownstone) and then call up the city desk and ask for Carol McLaughin. She will be able to run a check to see if that place is controlled or not. BUT, make sure you have the lease first, and that you can afford the rent too before you do this!


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