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Thread: All-studio or many-studio units in Manhattan high-rises?

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    Default All-studio or many-studio units in Manhattan high-rises?

    Hi, i asked this question on a Craigslist forum, and I was wondering if this question is of interest here. It combines software and internet concepts with the issue of housing for low-income and itinerant workers, so it's very much a meta-progressive alternative proposal to addressing an issue that could have a more simplified solution. It also analyzes the unique-ness of a major knowledge center such as New York, but explores the interface between the real and the annotated, digital, speculative and/or imaginary.

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    There are a few low-income exclusively single-room occupancy (SRO's) buildings in the city. I don't know any more than 12 floors though.

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    Default thanks- was curious about that


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    The only buildings I've heard about like that recently are in jersey City.


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