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Thread: From England to New York?

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    Red face From England to New York?

    Hi everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone has any advice at all?
    My partner is currently training to be a Renewable Energy Engineer and I am just finishing my degree in Crime Science as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst.

    When we are both done we want to move away from England to give our two children (age 2 and 5) a better life and more opportunities.

    Ideally I would like to move to a family-friendly suburb of New York but the partner is favouring a move to Australia! He says the job market is almost just as rubbish in USA as in England and that New York is too expensive :-(

    If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated - I have researched lots of suburbs:- NJ, CT, LI, SI etc.. but I think for his job he would probably need to be near a water source like a dock or something where the renewable wind farms etc... would be based?

    I really appreciate any info anyone might have as its really hard when it comes to such big countries!

    Thanks xx

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    Westchester County and Fairfield County in Connecticut are both on the LI sound and are really nice. What's your budget?

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    I may be bias but dozens of town in New Jersey are beautiful places to live and your're near the water for a large portion of it as you head south, many with reasonable property taxes, excellent school systems and relatively easy commutes to NYC (assuming you'd want to be close to the city). As for wind farm locations I would think you'd need to be looking at upstate New York, huge advances have been made in the last decade in wind originated power in NY and PA. By virtue of their size, CT and NJ are minnows in this field. Rochester, Buffalo etc are near the lakes and probably a better base for wind farm based employment etc. Also, it's a great time to get into that field in the US...big growth factor over the next 10-20 years.

    Oh, and you could halve your cost of living by moving to upstate NY....while salaries, in the fields in which you are both seeking work, would not be greatly affected by location.

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    Not to say New York isn't fantastic (it clearly is) but it isn't somewhere I would move to give your kids a better life. Quite the opposite. Unless you are very wealthy, healthcare and education are going to be extremely expensive. As far as I know the job market is just as bad in the US, which isn't exactly a country renowned for its green energy credentials anyway.

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    Sorry about Alonzo, Elaine; he moved back to the UK a few years ago and since then drops in from time to time to leave a bitter comment. Something of a "convincing oneself they've made the right choice" complex -- I've had it as well after moving from one city to another in the past.

    The US job market is currently in dire need of qualified workers; for the less-skilled or those with specialties in areas like law or finance that have been hard hit by the downturn, the labor market is rough at the moment (the story of the Western world, alas). But depending on your skill-set and industry you could be highly sought after.

    This is not particularly distinctive advice, but I would suggest doing some preliminary searches or perhaps coming temporarily to look for work, then seeing what you find.

    The (free) public schools in the upper-middle-class suburbs of New York state, New Jersey and Connecticut are highly competitive and of excellent quality. On Long Island or in Connecticut, you could easily find a town on the ocean that would seem to meet the criterion you name for your husband's work. (And just to address Alonzo's final misleading point, if you have a job that rises above, say, flipping hamburgers you will get a comprehensive health-insurance package for your family with none of the wait-times, quality issues or shortages of the NHS )

    Again, I'd say that you need to do additional homework on the jobs you're interested in, and let everything follow from that. Best of luck to you and your family!


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