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Thread: Photos of New York seen through my Pentax K-5's Viewfinder

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    Got dragged to the parade.
    Too much pushing to take clear photos, so I climbed up some scaffolding
    and took video (i always forget my camera can do that).
    Listen carefully and at around 35 seconds you can hear the cops telling me to get down...
    On this night I actually defiantly stayed put- (i was outta arms reach)- and the crowd
    aggressively voiced their discontent with the cops - surprisingly they just left?!

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    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year from me an Bender!

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    Default's been so nasty for so long, that today was the first day of 2015 that
    I even made an attempt to go outside and take pics

    Riding my bike around town, I found a group of actors taking a break from shooting a film (found out it was for the show "The Knick"), down at South St Seaport.
    It really looked funny with everyone dressed up in period costumes...holding I pads and cell phones!
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    Very cool stuff. Love that Knick shot.

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    Thanks so much!

    some more from the same outing:

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