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Thread: Photos of New York seen through my Pentax K-5's Viewfinder

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    Default Photos of New York seen through my Pentax K-5's Viewfinder

    Replacement camera arrived this afternoon... WOW what an upgrade!
    The k-5 blows away the k-7, especialy when taking nite pics.

    here are two quick test shots taken after midnight, handheld while walking my dog.
    if I had used my old rig you'd see nothing but noise. Can't wait for daylight.

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    Very impressive scumonkey, very nice

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    Is the camera that much better, or have you just become more skillful?

    btw: great shots.

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    The camera is actually that much better...
    much faster, different & bigger sensor, way higher ISO 51200, + much less noise!

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    Awesome shots as usual. Are any of those (Brooklyn Bridge) HDRs?

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    The BB is a single raw file that was moderately tone mapped.
    The storage shot was heavily post processed using a solarization layer,
    the other three are right out of the camera with just a little noise and sharpening correction.

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    They all look great.

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    Too hot in the day time so.... Some Nite Moves

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