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Thread: Sculpture on the Streets of Manhattan

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    Red face Yes!

    ....but unfortunately it is just a portion of the complete spectrum!

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    This is such an amazing thread, and there's so much more out there just itching to be photographed and posted here! I'd do that myself if I were in New York, but if the weather's nice this would make a great weekend project for one of our star photographers. MidtownGuy?

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    A Site Specific Summer
    Public art infiltrates New York City in some unexpected ways.

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    Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

    Garden of Delights

    Aug 12 - Oct 13, 2006

    Brooklyn Bridge Park/Empire-Fulton Ferry State PArk

    Travel With the Kitchen Sink
    Tyrome Tripoli

    Kevin Barrett

    Fat Lady
    Jack Howard-Potter

    Royal Heron
    Doug Makemson

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    ^ Fleetingly interesting mid-level sculpture. Doubt any of those pieces would ever be shown at MOMA.

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    It's tough enough for artists to live in New York with a dream of getting to MOMA.

    The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC: pronounced B-wak) has been helping emerging Brooklyn artists advance their careers by presenting their work to metropolitan art lovers and BWAC neighbors in free exhibits for over 25 years.

    With over 500 members, BWAC has grown to become NYC’s (perhaps the world’s) largest artist-run, fine arts presenting/service organization. It is a 501.c.3 charitable corporation. Artist/members comprise the Board of Directors, the management, and the staff. Members contribute an average of over 60 hours of work annually. Only four part-time paid employees provide the day-to-day continuity.

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    ^ A fine organization, and I wasn't being critical of them. (Didn't these folks also present the Yale/Red Hook show?).

    That sculpture installation you posted is a terrific credit to its surroundings, and if I were in New York right now I'd be making plans to visit the park this very weekend. Anyway, there's no such thing as unworthy public sculpture if its installation isn't permanent.

    The point i was making is: how lofty the heights you must scale before you're in the uppermost reaches of art. At that level, you're finally greeted by immortality. Maybe some of the folks in Brooklyn will eventually get there.

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    That's true about MOMA.

    But I think a serious problem for New York is that it is quicky losing its status as an art incubator.

    I had plans to go to the Yale/Red Hook exhibit, but it fell off the radar and I missed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    a serious problem for New York is that it is quicky losing its status as an art incubator.
    What's causing this problem? High rent?

    Artists thrive in the company of other artists. Are they getting dispersed like unabombers or are they all moving to a few new meccas?

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    I think it is mostly high rent.

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    If anyone in New York deserves rent subsidies, it's artists. They contribute so much to the economy.

    Wouldn't it be nice if one of Ratner's affordable towers in Brooklyn grew to a size that accommodated artists' studios?

    NIMBYs would try to keep it down.

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    "Balloon Flower (Red)" by Jeff Koons in a new park in front of 7 WTC.

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    St. Johns Rotary Arc, 1975/80
    Holland Tunnel Exit - Tribeca
    by Richard Serra

    Outdoor Exhibition Closes

    A rigging crew using a crane to remove one of the six 21-ton steel panels that constituted Richard Serra's ''St. John's Rotary Arc'' around the traffic circle at the Manhattan side of the Holland Tunnel.

    The 12-foot-high panels of the 200-foot-long sculpture, which had its run at the circle extended a year, were then loaded onto trucks to be taken to a Brooklyn storage yard.

    (NYT/William E. Sauro)

    Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company

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    Red Cube at 140 Broadway.

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    2001 by Liz Larner

    Central Park Scholars' Gate

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