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Thread: New Year in Times Square

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    Default New Year in TimeS Square

    I don't drink that often. I won't drink at Times Square for good and even during New Year's.

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    I did it once with visitors who really really wanted to go. It was for the year 2000, and I figured if ever there was a time to do the New Years in Times Square thing, it was then. Remember it was a high security year - even before Sept. 11 everyone was sure there would be some sort of terrorist attack. But we saw Rudi and Hillary mingling with the crowd and figured it was safe enough. Undercover cops mingled through the crowd too but pretty much ignored the low-key partying going on everywhere. Bigger fish to fry?

    Once was enough for me, but it was definitely unforgettable and I wouldn't ever deter anyone from doing it. The people with me were absolutely blown away, not only by the sensory spectacle of it all, but by the smooth operation and the professionalism and friendliness of the cops. I was not expecting that either, to be honest, but they really do a good job. The barricades keep you from being crushed, and it wasn't claustrophobic at all. I was very proud of our city that night. Over a million people from all over the world not only reasonably well behaved but having fun. Your surroundings keep you amply stimulated and anything but bored. Even though no toilets were made available, people who really had to go somehow found a way out and back in through the barricades, so there were very few negatives. However, the advice I would give to people is to try NOT to have to go to the bathroom (don't drink, wait until afterwards, or at least until midnight). You may or may not find it worth it all in the end - I did, to my own astonishment.

    One of the most impressive things for me was how incredibly fast it cleared out after the midnight celebration. Fast, easy, no wait whatsoever. Completely opposite of the National Mall for the Inauguration, where you could barely move trying to get out.

    And now, every year when I'm watching the ball drop on t.v. I can totally relate to everyone in that crowd. They really are having a great time.

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    My advice would be get there early to get in times square. I tried it one year and ended way up broadway and it wasnt so great. Plus we had all been drinking and needed to pee, and it was only about 7pm.

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    Behind the Scenes with the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

    by Ben Helmer

    While most jaded New Yorkers might be cynical toward anything Times Square, several minds were changed during last week’s Atlas Obscura Tour. The ball, normally seen from afar, was other-worldly up close.

    As you ascend to the roof of the Walgreens Tower at 1 Times Square, you’ll see an access door. Opening it, you’re outside, a glow emanating from atop a flight of stairs. Every surface around you is made of see-through metal grate, and, combined with that mysterious light, you might feel like a part of the movie Alien; Certainly miles away from Times Square.

    Yet walk up those steps, and you’re face-to-face with a New York icon: The New Years Eve Ball.

    Made of Waterford Crystal and LEDs, this 12-foot in diameter ball weighs nearly 12,000 pounds and is completely computer controlled. As you can imagine, a lot of detail is lost when standing a minimum of 395 feet away, the height of the tower. During the tour, Jeff Straus, president of Countdown Entertainment, went over several historical iterations of the ball, as well as the various themed crystal triangles which compose the ball. Each year, different themes are introduced, such as “Let there be peace” or “Let there be Love.” Each feature their own design, although this can only be seen up-close.

    At twenty-five stories, the building on which the ball rests was home to The New York Times for less than ten years, just long enough to have Times Square named for it, as well as starting the New Years Eve “Ball Drop” tradition. Those unimpressed might be more interested in previous traditions. According to Straus, during New Years, revelers would throw bricks into the air, agitating the elders of Trinity Church, where celebrations were held prior to 1904.

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