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Thread: New Year in Times Square

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    Default New Year in Times Square

    The crowd in front of the Bertelsmann Building

    Britney Spears enjoys Pepsi on Times Square

    The view from Broadway

    The view from Seventh Avenue

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    Default Times Square 2002 Celebrations Part II

    The pictures above are exactly one year old. Here is a picture of Times Square*today, preparing for New Year celebrations.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

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    Default Times Square 2002 Celebrations Part II

    Happy New Year.

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    Default Times Square 2002 Celebrations Part II


    Auckland, New Zealand.


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    Default Times Square 2002 Celebrations Part II

    GREAT PICS! *I might be mistaken, but I believe that those are this year's pics, am I right Christian? *EXCELLENT!!!

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    Default Times Square 2002 Celebrations Part II

    Sydney is really spectacular. But of course, the best ambiance was probably at Times Square.

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    Default Times Square 2002 Celebrations Part II

    Yes, amigo.

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    Waiting for the New Year to arrive - 12 hours to the ball drop. 31 December 2004.

    New Year comes to Times Square - in front of Marriott Marquis.

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    Great pictures - thanks I just don't understand something - do the pictures in the 1st post are new? Where are the pictures from this year?

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    AM New York
    October 27, 2006

    Dick Clark plans to rock in another new year

    Associated Press

    As he did last year, Dick Clark will co-host the annual "New Year's Rockin' Eve" celebration from Times Square on Dec. 31.

    The former "American Bandstand" host, now 76, will join Ryan Seacrest and musical guest Christina Aguilera to ring in 2007 before a national television audience of millions. Clark missed the show two years ago when he suffered a stroke but returned to the holiday staple last New Year's Eve.

    Seacrest, the 31-year-old host of "American Idol," handled co-hosting duties last year and is expected to eventually succeed Clark as the show's host.

    "Dick and Ryan will be in New York," Paul Shefrin, a spokesman for Dick Clark Productions said Friday. He also confirmed the appearance by the platinum-selling Aguilera, a Staten Island native known for her Grammy-winning hit "Beautiful."

    Clark originated the New Year's Eve program back in 1972. The only show he missed followed his Dec. 6, 2004, stroke.

    On the Net:

    Copyright 2006 AM New York

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    New York Times
    October 4, 2007

    A New Ball for New Year’s, Brighter Yet More Efficient


    Employees of Hudson Scenic Studios and Landmark Signs and Electric work on the new New Year’s ball in a building in Yonkers.

    When the ball atop 1 Times Square drops this year, signaling the start of 2008 and delighting the million or so people wedged into the surrounding streets, it will mark the 100th anniversary of a venerated tradition. It will also mark the debut of a new ball that will be the height of high-tech modernity and will be, in today’s environmental parlance, green.

    The new aluminum skeleton and the exterior “skin” made of Waterford crystal panels that covers thousands of light-emitting diodes known as L.E.D.’s will mean a brighter and more energy-efficient ball.

    While last year’s ball resembled a rounded porcupine with halogen quills, this year’s ball has a smooth surface capable of displaying nearly 16 million different colors. An impressive range, but Focus Lighting, the company that decides how the ball is lighted, plans to limit the palette to 25 vibrant colors.

    “People are going to be blown away by the variety and the saturation of colors,” said Christine Hope, the project lighting designer at Focus Lighting who has been working on the new ball since last October.

    Besides more intricate colors, the new ball can also display video, which for now means an image of a flickering flame or the rippling stars and stripes of the American flag. That is a lot more than the old ball with its four colors, red, blue, green and white, could do.

    The new ball weighs about 1,200 pounds and has 672 triangular Waterford crystal panels in a pattern the company calls “let there be light” on the inside and the outside to best reflect light. Additional pyramid-shaped mirrors on the ball’s exterior capitalize on the crystal’s refraction.

    The old ball had 600 bulbs; the new one has 9,576 L.E.D.’s. The old ball’s light level was 291,541 lumens; the new ball’s level is 625,033 lumens.

    But even though it is twice as bright, the new ball is easier on the environment. Each L.E.D. on the ball generates the same amount of light as one of last year’s bulbs but uses 87 percent fewer watts. The net result is that the new ball will use about 15,000 watts compared to the old ball’s 30,000 watts.

    In other words, power up 10 toasters, keep them toasting for six hours — the length of time the ball is lighted — and that will be the equivalent amount of electricity. “With half the amount of power, you’re getting twice the amount of light, so it’s four times more efficient,” said Brett Andersen, general manager of Focus Lighting.

    The first ball was created in 1907 by Walter F. Palmer, the chief electrician for The New York Times at the behest of the publisher Adolph S. Ochs, who wanted a spectacular midnight show in Times Square. Historically, dropping a ball to synchronize clocks is nothing new. Beginning in the early 1800s, iron balls were lowered from poles in port at noon each day so sailors could set their clocks and calculate the rate of error of their chronometers.

    This ball will be the fifth iteration. The earliest balls were made of iron and wood until aluminum was used for the third ball, in 1955. That aluminum ball was shaped into an apple for several years during the 1980s, and then in 1995 it was made flashier with the addition of rhinestones.

    At 11:59, the ball drops 77 feet in 60 seconds. Until 1995, the balls were lowered by six men, but since then they have been lowered by cables controlled by computers. A second computer is in place as a backup that can seamlessly switch over without missing a cue. And if the computer’s power cord were to become accidentally unplugged, there is a backup power supply. But keeping the ball lighted rests in the hands of Con Edison: if the power goes out in Times Square, the ball will be dark.

    And how much crystal is in the new ball? Peter R. Cheyney, the director of corporate communications for Waterford Wedgwood U.S.A., guesses it equals about 500 crystal goblets, which at $60 per comes out to $30,000. The materials for the ball are donated by Waterford and Royal Philips Electronics, and the event itself is produced by Countdown Entertainment and the Times Square Alliance. Jeffrey Straus, the president of Countdown Entertainment, estimates the ball’s worth at $1.1 million.

    And after making its first public appearance, the ball will rest in a vault 50 feet below 1 Times Square, beside the previous ball.

    Copyright 2007 The New York Times Company
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    Would you recommend Times Square on New Years eve? I'm staying in Times Square but i must admit the idea of standing around for hours doesn't really appeal that much. Are there many other activities around times square before midnight?

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    Most New Yorkers wouldn't think of going to Times Square for New Years eve.
    Maybe years ago, but now it's about metal pens that corral people together like cattle, legions of cops, and no chance to use a bathroom. Some idea of fun.
    I think most local people find a party to go to or spend it at their favorite hang out or nightspot. If I were you, I would head away from Times Square and check out the bars and parties elsewhere, maybe downtown.

    Most visitors, however, feel they have to go to Times Square for the experience at least once.

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    thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure i'm gonna avoid times square that particular evening. Are there any events in Central Park?

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    Associated Press
    December 19, 2007

    NYC offers to shred bad 2007 memories before the New Year

    In a new twist on celebrating the New Year, the New York City sanitation department and a Times Square business group are giving people the chance to not only put bad 2007 memories behind them, but shred them.

    For one hour Dec. 28, participants can bid good riddance to everything from photos of ex-lovers to lousy report cards when the Times Square Alliance and the New York Department of Sanitation set up shredders in the Times Square Visitors Center.

    Recycling bins will be available for items that cannot be shredded, like embarrassing fashion mistakes, annoying CDs and irresistible — and fattening — chocolate chip cookies. The organizers say they also will provide stationery for passers-by to jot down memories they wish would go away.

    A grand prize of $250 will be awarded to the person deemed to be most creative in letting go of old baggage.

    On the Net: Good Riddance Day

    Copyright 2007 Associated Press

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