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Thread: Motels on NYC outskirts

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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts

    A Friend and I are headed to NYC on the 1st of Feb.
    We are not spending much dough on accomidations so we were either going to stay at a hostel (I know of a few nice ones in manhattan) But we were thinking of staying in a motel in the outerboroughs or NJ, Does anyone know of any motel strips in the area? Every other city I have been to has some streets normally on the edge of the city or by the airport that is just lined with cheap motels. But for the life of me I can't recall any in NYC. Anyone know of any?


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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    I don't really know about any motel strips, but I am sure you would be able to find plenty of motels in New Jersey.

    However, you should probably think first about transportation issues and only then decide on the location. If you are going to frequent Manhattan, the answer will depend whether you want to drive a car, and if you do, where to and where are you going to park it. From NYC boroughs you can take a subway, and PATH train or ferry from NJ.

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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    Thanks Edward.
    I figured I'd be best to find motels in Bergen or Jersey city. What we are going to do is drive and park at a lot in midtown then do what ever we want on foot and by subway. On Saturday night we will probably stay at a hotel in Manhattan just so neither of us has to worry about driving after a long night's drinking. I was going to check out areas near La Guardia or JFK for motels for Friday and sunday nights. JFk is a bit out of the way but at least I get to see some more of Brooklyn and Queens on my way into Manhattan.


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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    Well, I know the Marriott Brooklyn is less expensive than the ones in Manhattan... about 3 blocks from the bridge too...

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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    Driving to Manhattan from other boroughs or NJ could be pretty painful, especially in the morning. It will take at least an hour, and may take 2 hours; if using a tunnel, you will have to pay toll. Parking in a lot is expensive, depending on location, and parking on the street is virtually impossible. Finding motel close to subway could be better option.

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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    I'm not that concerned about parking in Manhattan, I've done it a billion times before same as the morning commute to and from. Your right though I was hoping to find a motel near one of the airports since the subway is pretty close. I will definately check out the brooklyn marriot, does anyone have an address?

    Also are there any good "rock" bars that someone could recommend? Most of the time I just wander through the east village till I find a bar that sounds good, but in feb. it might get a bit cold.


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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    Here is the Wired New York page for Marriott Brooklyn. However it is not inexpensive hotel.

    Several hotels in Times Square will be cheaper than Marriott Brooklyn:

    Milford Plaza: about $100/night

    Days Hotel: about $100/night

    Howard Johnson: about $100/night

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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    I would suggest staying in one of the cheap hotels in Times Square as Edward suggested.

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    Default Motels on NYC outskirts??

    WOW Howard Johnson $100 a night!!!

    I have stayed at the howard johnson at 50&8th, 7th&34th as well as Park Ave. S. and never has it been that cheap!!

    Thanks guys


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