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Thread: Winter Garden of World Financial Center - Recent pictures

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    Said it elsewhere: TRASH.

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    Tough crowd.

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    The Winter Garden redo looks awful. I love those stairs.

    What are the going to do with all of that gorgeous marble.

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    If this were something totally new it would be one thing. But the fact that this is what Brookfield proposes to replace within one of the more magnificent public spaces in NYC is what riles. If you've never experienced a holiday concert or other performance event in that space, with folks gathered up and down the expanse of marble -- or just viewed the beautiful stonework (all replaced at great cost and effort following the damage of 9/11) perhaps it's difficult to assess the crassness of what they're putting forth.

    What they want to replace that with:

    How it looked nine years ago:

    As it is now:

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    The renderings make it look like they're replacing the stairs with the same marble not in stair form. I think the quality of the renders are a bigger problem here. I spend time in the space, and it's nice how it is, but I don't think this change will in any way ruin it, either.

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    Is this the headhouse....or a new Apple Store. (ka-cha!)

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    ...You know....

    You never know.

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    apple did a better design job with theirs- that glass roof (with)makes or (without) breaks the box.

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    The plan for the Winter Garden is just terrrible!!!! Losing the marble steps would be very depressing.

    Gee...soooo much great news to return to

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    Yay he's back!

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    How do you guys think they should integrate the new entrance to the Winter Garden while preserving those stairs?

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    ^^^ I was there on Sunday and it seems to me that there is plenty of room to walk around the sides of the stairs. I don't see what the big deal is to leaving them.

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    ^ exactly... there is more room going around those stairs than there is to get down those escalators-
    I don't see the bottle neck happening here that is the excuse they are using to remove them.

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    Removing the stairs is about creating more retail space for more rent money.

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    That may well be the real reason but...
    that's not what they are saying.
    According to Brookfield the stairs need to be removed to preventing a bottleneck of commuters trying to pass through..

    "Brookfield plans to tear down the building’s Grand Staircase to make way for the floods of commuters expected once the World Trade Center site is complete. The removal of the stairs would expand the palm tree-studded Winter Garden by 30 percent...

    ...Brookfield executives said that if the stairs stay in place, they would create a choke point by blocking the exit of the new pedestrian tunnel beneath West Street, scheduled to open by the end of 2012."
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