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Thread: Manhattan Bridge

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    Default Manhattan Bridge

    New pictures of Manhattan Bridge

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    Default Manhattan Bridge

    Found some old pictures of Manhattan Bridge

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    Default Manhattan Bridge

    I really like the driving scene. *It shows the magnitude of the bridge.

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    More Manhattan Bridge....

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    wow nice pics :!: you guys are soooooo lucky to be a New Yorker!! Be proud of it

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    I love this bridge. And actually depending on my mood I like it better than the brooklyn. The best design, love the the lines, everything about it. the most functional of all the bridges. 4 subway tracks, 7 vehicular lanes, bi-leveled. 2 pedestrian walkways. And still a relatively narrow width. Genius

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    Wikipedia Picture of the Day
    March 30, 2008

    The Manhattan Bridge, under construction in 1909, nine months before its opening on December 31, 1909. This suspension bridge crosses the East River, connecting Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn, just upriver of the Brooklyn Bridge. All of the buildings in foreground of this photograph, with the exception of the Empire Warehouse on the left, are no longer standing.

    Photo credit: Irving Underhill

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    I walk it once in a while. The walkway should have been placed in the center of the bridge on thre upper level, similar to the Brooklyn Bridge. It is simply too noisy from the subways to enjoy the walk and the chainlink obliterates the views.

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    Anyone know where Edward's first picture was taken from?


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    Looking down Washington St, DUMBO, Brooklyn.

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    Default Edwards first picture

    Could someone please tell me what the building is in Edwards First picture?

    The short 2 story brown building through the gates and on the right.
    I was there about 3 years ago, taking photos of the bridge down that street and as I approached the junction at the end and raised my camera, A guy came out of the building and told me not to take photos.

    I only wanted the bridge behind but he thought I was taking photos of his building.

    Just curious really.

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