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Thread: Is NYC Dirty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by czsz
    Yes, but look, this "New York is larger and denser than x cleaner city and is therefore naturally more dirty" argument is completely fallacious. Tokyo is larger than New York, and has quite a few pedestrian precincts with a higher degree of foot traffic, and is cleaner than even most small American cities. The same is true for numerous large cities in Europe, Asia, and South America, which are not lacking for busy sidewalks.
    Tokyo is a place where it is considered bad to eat, drink or do just about ANYTHING at the same time as walking, so....

    Also, Tokyo and some areas sell womens dirty underwear in vending machines. (active public behavior repression has a tendency to come out in some weird ways)

    I guess it all depends on your definition of "dirty"...

    Oh, BTW, you can also debate the european thing there. I hear you have to be careful where you step in Paris. Damn poodles.

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    Clean is overrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjahedge
    I will ask you again.

    WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION oh all-knowing one.

    Get off your dang high horse, stop insulting everyone that disagrees with you and offer a solution instead of complaining about how everyone else in the town makes it horrible for you.

    I think I have stated what I think might be reasons why New York is so dirty.
    Those same reasons can be revearsed to make it reasonably clean.
    To reiterate just a few rather than making you go back and read the entire thread again:
    1. Monitor the job the street cleaners do. You need to go slower than 40mph. to be successful at collecting garbage from the curb.
    2. Have street sweepers sweep garbage from the side walk into the street cleaners path.
    3. Empty garbage cans more often.
    4. Ticket litterers. (This would pay for the cost of more efficient street cleaning and emptying of garbage cans.)
    5. Propose a design for some sort of dumpster for collecting garbage on garbage collection days instead of pilling mounds of garbage bags on all NYC. sidewalks.
    6. Educate people! The city could simply implement some sort of "Clean Streets NYC" campaign!

    Bottom line is that it is NOT a priority in New York and it should be!
    Have you seen street cleaners in action in Europe in cities like Paris or Milan?
    Truly amazing. You'll see why their cities are far cleaner than New York.

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    Oh, BTW, you can also debate the european thing there. I hear you have to be careful where you step in Paris. Damn poodles.[/QUOTE]

    Very true! It's funny how the streets are clean but there's dog s**t all over the streets.
    Certainly nothing is perfect!

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    Smile Yes!

    I always wanted to live in NYC but it is a truly disgusting city. I have lived in 2 European cities and 3 American ones and visited NY numerous times and its filth bewilders me considering the money that is there. I have seen cleaner subways in 3rd world countries. The streets reek all the time - either of trash because it always seems to be trash day everywhere, or of nasty unclean sidewalks or hot restaurant stenches. It seems like everyone's apartment I've been to is infested with bugs, mice, rats, or all of the above. I can't believe the sidewalks and streets are such a slimy, bumpy mess with such an incredible tax base - can't they power wash and sweep them at night? Sadly, this horrendous filth is one of the reasons I haven't moved there. It just seems like such a dump in comparison to anywhere. I truly admire the Europeans for their civic pride - tiled, clean sidewalks; clean, attractive subways; immaculate streets, parks, and other places; regulated, attractive advertising (like storefront signs), even landscaping and flowers! There's no reason NY has to look like such a ghetto with all that money and a wealth of intellectual resources that could help solve this problem.

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    Default How about holding real estate owners responsible

    for the cleanliness of the sidewalk that their property fronts. If NYC can hire people to ticket cars, they can find people to ticket building owners. If the building owner can not get out and hose down a small bit of sidewalk each day, then they can hire someone to, or make their tenants who have storefronts there do it. In the burbs you can't just allow junk to pile up on the lawn or sidewalk because there are city ordinances. Just like when it snows, you are responsible for snow removal! There must be similar ordinances in NYC, but no enforcement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troc
    There must be similar ordinances in NYC, but no enforcement.
    Ya hit the nail on the head ...

    Budget for enforcement in many sectors (buildings, housing, sanitation, plus more) have been systematically cut over the years.

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    I often find myself in Flushing for various reasons (errands, going to to lunch, whatever) and it's probably the dirtiest community I've been to in Queens.

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    New York City very clean in those places where rich people live. If you walk down Park Avenue in 60s, 70s and 80s - it's spotless. I guess the sheer number of people and eating establishements makes keeping the sidewalks clean a difficult task. But it really depends on the neighborhood and the people that live there. All the neighborhoods where clean, educated and wealthy people live are pertty clean - Soho, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown East, etc. And many other neighborhoods are dirty because people living there don't really care about cleanliness and throw stuff on the sidewalks.

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    Yes, didn't you know it's oh so bourgeois to care about cleanliness and health standards and whatnot. All the cool kids in the East Village and Lower East Side and Williamsburg throw their shit on the sidewalk...on the way to the global warming protest. And don't you dare complain a bit about it to could anyone who "cares about art" not appreciate the "poetic chaos" of the city?

    And then there's what I call the "circle of spite;" i.e., people who take the subway rationalise their littering as a means to get revenge upon the MTA's lazy, inconsiderate workforce; the MTA's employees fail to adequately clean the stations out of lack of concern for the subway's rude, inconsiderate ridership. Add to this the fact that most of Manhattan is cleaned by poor workers from the outer boroughs who probably feel a pang of pride upon leaving crap to fester outside the Man's cathedrals, parks, and restaurants.

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    I'm clean, educated, and don't litter. Does this mean I can move to one of these spotless neighborhoods? Please tell me where I can find the application. I'm compiling my references as I type.

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    SoHo is dirty.

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    Default I litter on PATH!

    Not a single trash can at Journal Sq. - Probably some bogus security issue -

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    Quote Originally Posted by stache
    Not a single trash can at Journal Sq. - Probably some bogus security issue -
    Why don't you carry your trash to the next station - or outside to a garbage can?

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    Default I do if I don't have to transfer.

    I refuse (bad pun) to carry trash off one train, hang on to it while waiting for the next train, then shephard it to my destination.

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