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    July 13, 2003

    The Police Are Focusing on an Old Problem: Prostitution in Hunts Point


    A pimp in a Philadelphia Phillies shirt chatted with his driver on the corner of Longfellow and Lafayette Avenues last Tuesday afternoon as they waited for a 21-year-old prostitute to return from a job. Hunts Point is not flooded with prostitution the way it was in the 1990's, they said, but business is still good. Good enough that potential clients circled the block in broad daylight on the edge of a residential neighborhood. Good enough that on a weekend night a woman can make more than $1,000.

    And good enough that when the 41st Precinct, which covers Hunts Point, and the Bronx vice squad teamed up two weeks ago, placing four wired female officers in four locations known for prostitution, they arrested 23 men and seized 21 cars in an hour and a half. The men, many from out of state, were charged with disorderly conduct, and the 11 who owned the cars they were driving lost their vehicles for good.

    Although Operation Losing Proposition, as the precinct's undercover anti-prostitution effort is called, has been around for years, this was the biggest show of manpower that Lt. Tom Traynor, who runs special operations for the precinct, could remember. Forty officers were involved. He said that the operation is usually a quarter that size, using just one undercover female officer, and occurs about once a month.

    Officers regularly arrest prostitutes for loitering for the purpose of prostitution. Arrests of pimps, however, are very rare, Lieutenant Traynor said, because of the extra legal burden: for instance, he said, the prostitute would probably have to be seen giving money to the pimp.

    Prostitution is Hunts Point's perennial problem. Even as the neighborhood has attracted an art scene and sprouted housing developments, the truckers who come through to the terminal markets and the isolated industrial streets continue to create an atmosphere that lends itself to prostitution. Much of the activity has moved inside, using apartments, according to Brian Brown, program director of New York Harm Reduction Educators, a nonprofit group that has worked with the prostitutes. "They're just not as overt about it," he said.

    Some say the police's efforts were were hurt by four documentaries HBO has televised about prostitution in Hunts Point, the latest in April 2002. "That set us back a lot," said John Robert, district manager of Community Board 2. "If you're Joe Schmo, it's like 'Come to Hunts Point, it's the mecca of prostitution.' " Mr. Robert said he even got a phone call from a cousin in Puerto Rico who had seen the most recent special.

    Some residents say they are thankful for the crackdown. Cesar Lopez, a mechanic who has lived in the neighborhood for 12 years, said he sees far fewer prostitutes than when he first moved in. Lieutenant Traynor said the problem had been reduced, but could never be fully resolved. "You could be out here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you'd still get them," he said.

    On Lafayette Avenue, the 33-year-old pimp, who sat on a milk crate, agreed. "It's going to be hidden,'' he said, "but it's always going to be around."

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    Prostitution still exists in Hunts Point, but it is more "undercover."

    High-school aged girls make their connections via their cell-phones, so they don't even have to walk the street anymore. Some have their own cars, so they just drive to a meeting place, "handle their buisness", and leave.

    Others make their connections at the strip club called the "Bada-Bing" at E. 156st and Garrison Avenue.

    How do I know? Because I use to procure their services, that's how.
    These girls go to school, go home, hang out and make arrangements at the McDonald's on Garrison Avenue. That's how I met them, and I wasn't even looking.

    I was propostioned while eating my hamburger in the parking lot!

    My "steady" would drive to my apartment, as well as bring her friends. She and I made hook-ups with her friends and my co-workers (some who are married), and so on and so on. My co-workers are just looking for a good time, and these girls give them one, are treated decently (no worry about being raped and/or beaten) and make some good money too.

    On Faile Street, on the east side part, between Seneca and Lafayette, there is a building where some of them hang out. They will NOT approach you, and are VERY cautious. But if you do it quiet like, they will come over, you make a deal and your off, away from the neighborhood so no one sees.

    The spot they take you is at the Pepsi truck depot, located on E. 149 ST, south of the Bruckner Blvd. It's quiet and off the beaten path.

    I will say this....some do it for the cash but a few just like to f**k (the cash being a bonus). Some have told me that they were molested and when they told their mothers, they were not believed, or had sex very young and now it's "no thing" (as one told me). One even told me even though molested by her mother's boyfriend, she never came so hard like she did with him.

    Surprisingly they smoke a little weed, but no hard drugs at all.

    You can criticize me, criticize them, make judgement calls...whatever!

    But prostitution still exists at Hunts Point. It will continue to do so because the people don't care, the area is treated like s**t by the rest of the city (trucks travel through there, exacberating the asthma problem, garbage waste "management"), and the local "ghetto-ticians" are only concerned with filling their coffers...via their "drug treatment, child care" federally funded money mill "programs".
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    Very interesting. Thanks for that insight and by the way, I like your coining of the term "ghetto-ticians."

    Very true, too.

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