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Thread: New York City Burgers

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    I'm a big fan of Mickey Mantle's on Central Park South. Basically just a gussied up burger joint. But damn, what a burger!

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    Default FatBurger

    They are going to be putting a Fatburger in Times Square soon but go to Jersey City on Washington Street (about 1/2 mile south of the Newport Path Station). They have the best burgers, chili cheese fries and shakes out there.

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    New York Burger Co, another newbie, is quite good. It's on Park Ave. So. and 23rd. Good burger, option of fries or salad, soda or water. Variety of sauces and burgers.

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    Default 44&X in hell's kitchen

    go to 44&X in hell's kitchenn...awesome cheeseburger and fires...the burger is on an english muffin! one of new york's top 10 its my mom's best firend's maybe thats y i love it so much =P

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    I'll think I'll try that one LBIgirl13 sounds very nice. You don't have the full address do you so I can find it on a map. Thanks. I like the burgers at Brendan's Bar and Grill on 42 W 35th St.
    Really enjoyed the burger there and am definatly going to visit in when I'm in town in July.

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    WTF?! Wall Street Eatery Unveils $175 Burger

    by Lysandra Ohrstrom | May 20, 2008

    It seems like ages since Daniel Boulud introduced his $28 burger back in 2001, much to the horror of old-school carnivores who resented haute cuisine's appropriation of the popular, affordable American food staple.

    Today, the DB Burger is $32--a price tag that few sophisticated foodies would bat an eyelash at--and it has spawned a horde of pricier imitations, including Mr. Boulud's own truffle infused Royale. At $81, Old Homestead steakhouse had also briefly claimed the most expensive burger in the city mantle, but now it too has been left in the dust: The Wall Street Burger Shoppe has unveiled the $175, "Richard Nouveau," burger, named after the fictional mascot of the Web site Pocketchange—an exhaustive account of conspicuous consumption in Manhattan—the Daily News reports today.

    It "comes topped with a blizzard of real gold flakes, plus 25 grams of black truffles, a seared slab of foie gras and an aged Gruyere typically reserved for a high-class cheese tray," the News reports. "The patty is made from 10 ounces of Kobe beef, a pricey meat so rich that grinding it up is like bathing in bottled water."

    Yes, the restaurant has adopted the British spelling of "shoppe," which seems appropriate since few people in the Financial District can afford to shell out $175 for a burger these days, unless they happen to be paying in foreign currency.

    © 2008 Observer Media Group,
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    Another example of purchasing for the purpose of exhibiting wealth and nothing more:

    It "comes topped with a blizzard of real gold flakes,
    That has to be one of the most ultimate wastes of capital. It adds nothing to the taste, and very little, if anything, to the look. This is just to get the price higher.

    "The patty is made from 10 ounces of Kobe beef, a pricey meat so rich that grinding it up is like bathing in bottled water."
    This confuses me. Like bathing in bottled water? I guess they are inferring using bottled water to bathe in as being opulent, not "rich" as a culinary descriptive phrase.

    Things like this sicken me, but being a flash media release, I think it is intended to. I can't even say if this is a sign of the class stratification and isolation that seems to be becoming more prevalent in todays society or if it is just another attempt by a news outlet to get attension to something that effects so few people that even using the ink to print it is a net loss in capital.....

    Ah well.

    Any good downtown (WTC) burgers? And no gold flakes, please.

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    Going over that recipe, I think I can improve it.

    Add $50.

    We are doomed.

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    Best Burgers are J.G Melon on 75th and Third as well as Nick's on 76th and Broadway and they are both under 10 bucks!

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    Looks a bit of a mess here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by brianac
    WTF?! Wall Street Eatery Unveils $175 Burger

    $175 for 1 burger? You don't even have to read the article to know that that is absurd.

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    Zip Burger on 52 off 2nd is real good. Their shakes are excellent as well. Very reasonably priced

    Island Burger and Shake on 9th off 51 is great as well, but they do not do fries . Also reasonable

    Agree with Kliq on JG Melon. Great burgers and a nice comfortable palce.

    Rare on 3rd off 37th in the lobby of a hotel the name of which escapes me at the moment, is probably the best of the lot. It is a bit pricier but not bad.. 10-15 bucks or so. It is set up in a nice pub type atmosphere with a full bar.
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    Brianac, I don't know why you put a thumbs up with that post, I'd put a big thumbs down. $175 for a hamburger, doesn't that just about sum up everything that is wrong with NY, gross consumption and self-indulgence.

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    I agree with you completely. I am more of a Gray's Papaya Hot Dog guy myself.

    I didn't realise I had put an icon there at all.

    So, I have changed it.,Thanks for pointing it out.

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