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Thread: New York City Burgers

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    Chipoltle right near the Chrystler building.

    You figure THAT one out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NYatKNIGHT View Post
    I don't get it either. Places near me with perpetual lines: Magnolia Bakery, John's Pizza, Tomoe Sushi. Apparently these places are SO MUCH better than the countless other excellent bakeries, pizzerias, and sushi joints in the Village that they're worth waiting hours in line for. No thanks.
    Exactly. Id understand if it was the only place in town, but its NY frigging City.

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    Default Imho

    OK, so here it is my first post and on my fave subject. I have been to NYC on a few food vacations and typically spend a week in the city going to all 5 boroughs checking out the best in burgers, pizzas, steaks, hot dogs, all the quintessential NYC staples. Coming fromthe UK I really appreciate the fantastic burgers that NYC has to offer and in my humble opinion there are a few real standouts............

    Firstly I would like to mention Donovans Pub, in Queens a great burger, huge, greasy and really messy knocked back with a mug of draught in a unasuming New York pub, worth the trip from Manhattan.

    My second favourite is Island Burgers on 9th Ave, truly massive with a myriad of toppings to chose from, no fries but who realistically has room for fries when the burgers are this big and tasty.

    Moving sharply on to Burger Joint at the Meridian, for a Brit on tour this is a truly amazing experience, the patties here are moist and the fries are also good.........I love this place.

    Shake shack, as soon as it opened I was there, line free and waiting, crinkle fries with cheese and an awesome sliderish burger. Sat in the park starring at one of the most famous buildings in the world eating one of these beauties on a crisp April morning was nice, real nice.

    My old fave is now a little further down tha ladder, Corner Bistro, so cheap so tasty so fresh so least they were a few years ago, more recently and in the late evening (as apposed to my first time early evening) I had a Bistro burger that was a little dry and tasted like it had maybe been re heated?????

    Willl be back in the Apple early March, any suggestions on great Burger, Pizza, steak etc places would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Warning on Corner Bistro.

    Never get the chili-burger. It just gets too wet/sloppy to enjoy. Since they use generic rolls (potato rolls, I think) they turn into a soppy mess when something like chili is put on them.

    It tasted OK, but it was hard to enjoy.

    Otherwise, I agree!

    PS, welcome aboard!

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    Default Burgers for Regular Joes

    Burgers for Regular Joes

    by Ethan Wolff
    September 26, 2008

    As simple pleasures go, charred beef bookended by a fresh bun will always be right up there with sunny days in Central Park and snagging a seat on the morning F train. Not that New York hasn't tried to tart things up. A holdover from that bygone era when investment bankers ran the city (sooo 2007), Wagyu, truffle, and foie gras adulterations of the humble hamburger can still set you back as much as $175. We have no carp with T-Bone or Kobe burgers, but are those rich cuts really best enjoyed all ground up? Straightforward patties have more character, at their best blending texture, fat, juice, and flavor into the bites human taste buds have been craving for ten millennia. The Corner Bistro and JG Melon have long camped out on many a city's best burger list. Newer players like burger joint and the Shake Shack have justifiably rabid followings (and legendary lines to match). At the extremes of unaffected burgerdom, Zaitzeff and Blue Smoke bring smooth refinement without sacrificing heartiness. For the city's absolute best-tasting, juiciest, most well-proportioned masterpiece, the fresh-ground Grade A chuck patty of Rare sets the standard. When you want to check back in with the simple life as the good life, a quick hit from the grill is the perfect cure for the "market correction" news that ails you. (And, come to think of it, a side of fries and a pint of beer won't exactly spoil the experience.)


    287 Third Ave. • 212-889-3361
    Yes, they still have the sawdust on the floor. From the shingled entry to the long, dim bar, to the cottagelike dining room in back, Molly’s remains fervently old school. The walls ar... Read More »

    Corner Bistro

    331 W. 4th St. • 212-242-9502
    The Corner Bistro’s ancient barroom embodies a lost Bohemian Village. A soundtrack of cool jazz plays low. The mahogany bar, tin ceiling and worn stools evoke Beat ghosts. The cliente... Read More »

    Shake Shack

    Madison Square Park • 212-889-6600
    The cult of Shake Shack is unstoppable. Danny Meyer’s little snack bar that could has helped transform Madison Square Park from a no-man’s land of discarded drug paraphernalia to Fl... Read More »

    DuMont Burger

    314 Bedford Ave. • 718-384-6127
    DuMont Burger stakes its name on doing one thing well. The stripped-down menu is limited to just eight selections. The squared-off space is minimal, decked with salvaged wood. Inside se... Read More »

    Blue Smoke

    116 E. 27th St. • 212-447-7733
    The light fixtures at Blue Smoke are stylized versions of the metal brackets you see at industrial sites. They hang low over the bar and stretch out overhead in fanlike arrays, shifting... Read More »

    Bonnie’s Grill

    278 Fifth Ave. • 718-369-9527
    On still days, Fifth Avenue in the lower Slope fills with blue smoke and the alluring scent of grilled beef. The incidental advertising comes from the chimney of Bonnie’s, a narrow sl... Read More »

    burger joint

    119 W. 56th St. • 212-708-7414
    The burger joint’s infiltration of the Parker Meridian lobby attracts those drawn to counterpoints. Where the hotel’s space is sleek and airy, the house hamburger stand is retro, fu... Read More »


    18 Ave. B • 212-477-7137
    Zaitzeff goes about as far out on the low-pretense burger limb as possible without toppling into haute. The restaurant is classy and minimal, black chairs against white walls. Wine and... Read More »

    JG Melon

    1291 Third Ave. • 212-744-0585
    JG Melon is as comfortable as a pair of worn-in jeans, only most of the patrons here wouldn’t be caught dead in denim. Clay-tennis-court-red slacks are the more likely attire, a shade... Read More »

    Rare Bar & Grill

    303 Lexington Ave. • 212-481-1999
    Rare may jut off the entrance of the buttoned-down Shelburne Hotel, but its aspirations are angled toward the grassy ground of the backyard grill. Loving close-ups of planed onions and... Read More »

    © 2008 Observer Media Group

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    Default New York City Burgers

    I will try the 10 places for burgers,also Mickey Mantle's,McDonald's,Burger King and more.
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    BB, do you listen to those around you?

    Do not blind quote.

    You know what? Don't quote people at all anymore. Ever. Save our mods some work.

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