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  • Brookfield: SOM, Field Operations, Thomas Phifer, SHoP Architects and Diller Scofidio & Renfro

    64 65.98%
  • Durst / Vornado / Conde Nast: FXFowle and Rafael Pelli

    11 11.34%
  • Extell: Steven Holl

    8 8.25%
  • Related / Goldman Sachs / NewsCorp: Kohn Pedersen Fox, Arquitectonica and Robert AM Stern

    8 8.25%
  • Tishman Speyer / Morgan Stanley: Helmut Jahn

    6 6.19%
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Thread: Hudson Yards

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    I sure didn't expect Brookfield with SOM to present the best plan, but I think they are ahead by a mile. Their use of 6 different architects and keeping the street grid somewhat sets it apart; it's also a good mix of residential, commercial, and hotels to maintain streetlife. I'm sure they aren't the favorite right now, but let's show support for it, I'd really like to see it happen.

    Seeing real renderings puts the scope into perspective....this blows Canary Wharf away and is only a part of the developments to come on the West Side. Whenever the latest mcsam gets you down, just revisit this thread to see the bigger picture.

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    Looking at all of the plans one thing sticks out -- the "waste" of space above the Javits Convention Center. It seems a huge mistake not to incorporate the restructuring of the convention center into these new developments so that portions of the Javits could have tall buildings above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by investordude View Post
    I get that a skyscraper could anchor a suspension bridge, but I don't see how it could do that without cables hanging from the skyscrapers, and you don't see that in the Extell renderings.
    The truss system is sloped and in tension. The anchor points are the tower bases.

    Think of a rope bridge in an Indiana Jones movie.

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    ^^^ I was looking at that. Don't think it they can help that because of the nature of the building.
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    Default still seems extell would require lots of buildings simultaneously then

    If the skyscrapers are the anchor points for the Extell suspension bridge, it sounds like they'd have to build all the towers at once. It's all or nothing. I would think simultaneously dumping all the projects on the market at once would create a glut and cause all sorts of economic distortions - they'd have to take inferior tenants for a while and keep them until their initial leases expired. This sounds like a major disadvantage to me. It's easy to propose crazy ideas like this if you don't have financing ...

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    Not the buildings, the bases. The perimeter anchor points would be built as part of the decking. The actual buildings could be phased in later.

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    Default ah, IC

    In that case, Extells plan sounds more reasonable. I still think its a beautiful technical solution even if it might not be as good for this area as a place lik the Sunnyside rail yards.

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    Suspension bridge, no towers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    Looking at all of the plans one thing sticks out -- the "waste" of space above the Javits Convention Center.
    Building on top of Javits means buildings through Javits, which would eat up space.

    I think it would be more cost effective in the long run to move the convention center to the Sunnyside Yards. It would work very well there, and it's not a necessary component for the Westside development. And another source of revenue for the MTA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pianoman11686 View Post
    I said it a long time ago: the plan tries too hard to micromanage every aspect of the site, and overall is not suitable to truly urban development. There's too much green space (especially of the open grass field variety), and not enough streets.
    I agree. The problem, in order to sell this very dense rezoning plan to the public, the city felt they had to throw in a lot "open space." Lots of greenery makes it more palatable to the community.

    Having a park or open space in this plan is not a bad idea in itself, but it should be within a contained area, instead snaking and weaving through the towers, making them no different than towers-in-the-park in both the feel and look to the whole place.

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    Sunnyside is close to two airports as well, I think it would be good for Queens' development. Could be New York's convention district with hotels etc and by extension may fit well with the Silvercup Studios development.

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    I say we leave the convention center as-is, wait 50 years for the west side to really take hold, then have the city sell it off to developers at a significant profit. It could be something of a Hudson Yards 2.0. We'd then get to inject some fresh architecture along the river, contrasting the early 21st century stuff that will inevitably dominate the area...

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    I was actually interview by NY1 but they put me on the spanish NY1 on channel 95. Well I responded in both english and spanish. Anyway, they ask me what I though and I say that NYC sure needs more taller buildings, and the taller the better. I of-course said that I preferred Brookfield plan first and then my second choice will be Vornado and that I hate it the Tishman one. But they cut everything I said and left the part where I only mention Brookfield. Hopefully I got to influence a lot of people. LOL. Well, they keep repeating the news I have notice, like every half and hour. You can check me out if you are still awake, I am the second guy they ask.

    In the english NY1 channel 1, there is this lady that says everything looks too tall! LOL. Hopefully she doesn't influence people votes that much.

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    Default well deserved jab at lack of MTA financial transparency on this

    I concur with the basic premise here, though dollar figures may follow:

    It seems the only logical basis for picking a plan other than Brookfield is money - but the costs involved seem highly speculative right now. I think the public has a right to know about the financial aspect of the bidding (like how much money the MTA gets from each developer). It's not the only factor to consider, but it strikes me that its a big one.

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    From NY Sun:
    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority surprised developers Wednesday when it e-mailed them to release their plans to the press on Sunday at a storefront in Midtown. The five bidders scrambled to put something together that would reflect the millions of dollars they have spent on proposals.
    Why the rush?

    Yet the MTA has not released a single dollar figure for any of these plans. So how can the public make a judgment?
    Should the most attractive financial plan be chosen? I don't think so.

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