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Thread: East River - large file

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    Default East River - large file

    After a brutal winter, nice day today, so we trekked up the east side to midtown. Took some photos.

    View south from Two Bridges

    View south from East River Park

    Williamsburg Bridge

    View northwest at Stuyvesant Town

    UN from same spot

    Chrysler, with a work crew - probably with a big can of Noxon.

    Queensboro Bridge

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    Default East River

    Thank you Zippy. *You deserve a whole bunch of bananas (sorry, couldn't help it).

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    Default East River

    Excellent ZippyTheChimp. You're right it was a very nice day for getting out and enjoying the city.

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    Default East River

    Bananas are always appreciated.

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    Default East River

    Quality, all of them.

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    Default East River

    Nice pics!

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    Default East River

    Great Pics, especially those of the Lower Manhattan Skyline!

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    Default East River

    Excellent pics, Zippy. *I love the one with the Empire State Building.

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    Default East River

    Yes, really nice pics!

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    Default East River

    I especially love the ones of the bridges with the strong perspective lines that lead us into the picture.

    That was quite a walk, Zippy! *Is there a park along the river the whole way?

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    Default East River

    Yeah, bridges are very photogenic.

    The park begins at picture #2 and runs about 1 mile to 14 St, picture of ESB. There are small parks along the way, but most is a walkway/bikeway along the river. There are some places along the way with no river access (the white pier structure in #2 is Dept of Sanitation property), and there's limited access in the E40's. The eventual plan is to provide a "greenway" completely around Manhattan. On the West Side, except for a small break at 125 St, there's a continuous bike route from Battery Park to the GWB. On the East Side, it picks up again at around E62 St, but I'm not familiar with it.

    My favorite view of Midtown is that picture of the ESB and UN. That was intended as a panorama, but the light was difficult, and it didn't look right stitched. In the near future, I'll take some night shots from there.

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    Default East River

    Quote: from JMGarcia on 10:08 pm on Mar. 24, 2003
    Nice pics!

    (Edited by JMGarcia at 11:31 pm on Mar. 24, 2003)
    Nice animation!!!!

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    Default East River

    Actually, you just reminded me, there is a group that walks entirely around the shoreline once a year, the first Saturday in May, rain or shine. I am going to try to do it this year, with my camera and plenty of storage and batteries!


    Join the Shorewalkers on a spectacular 32-mile circuit of Manhattan Island, starting early at South Street Seaport and ending there that evening for celebration. Walk through a dozen parks and cultures. See the Statue Of Liberty, New Jersey, the Palisades, all four outer Boroughs, people fishing in the rivers, cherry trees in bloom, spring flowers. Lunch in Inwood Park. Highlights include a press conference in front of the Circle Line Terminal at 42nd St. at 9:30 am. Walk part or all of the route. Meet people from all over. $10 donation requested from non-members.

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    Default East River

    Sounds great. Last summer I started documenting NYC shoreline. I'd like to do all 550 miles of it, and will continue next month. If it proves too challenging, I'll use a helicopter and do it all at once.

    If you take that walk, make sure to get shots along the Harlem River.

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    Default East River

    The composition with the Queens tower is excellent. That building's relative isolation greatly enhances its impact.

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