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Thread: New York City Websites

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    ©NewYork has an extensive collection of photos, panoramas, webcams, links, and more.

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    Default Cams or new photo's of top of Conde Nast building

    Was just wondering if anyone got URL for pics/cams of top of Conde Nast building. Wanting to be able to watch new Lumacom signs going up soon.
    Thanx for help - bit hard dropping in to NY from Perth, W. Aust on a regular basis. :?

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    Quote Originally Posted by byparlak
    Check it out !

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    Check out

    another NYC site

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyblancoNYC
    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Loves NY
    Well, I've just added several sites to my "must-see" list for my next NY trip. Those were some very beautiful spots.

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    The Other New York, in German, covers overlooked parts of town.

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    If any of you are into NYC Transit surface transportation, we've a photo gallery archive, database of documents, overall fleet roster (by type), general knowledge quiz, glossary of terms and of course, a discussion forum. The forum is the most popular of the available sections featuring discussions between employees, passengers, the media and curious visitors.

    From the forum, click "Home" for the rest of the website:

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    Can I put my website in here... it'still in the process of construction but I think it'll be great! It's got all Manhattan disctricts hystory from the Dutch to present day, got shop adresses, links to specially selected sites, etc.

    I don't know when it'll be ready...

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    I frequent:
    Long Island's Super Community

    quite often - it's mine.... Just had to mention it here....

    it's Long island's Most Sophisticated Onlline Community! 8)

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    Thanks to a link on the ever-interesting Forgotten NY:

    Hopefully there will eventually be photos of all of the neighbourhoods.

    It's refreshing to have someone actually telling us exactly where photos were taken.

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