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Thread: New York City style casinos

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    Default New York City style casinos

    NY Post...



    ALBANY - New York City would get its first-ever modern casinos as part of a top-secret plan to provide Mayor Bloomberg with more than $400 million a year in badly needed revenue, The Post has learned.

    The plan, which has been outlined to the city by state budget negotiators, would create several new OTB teletheaters operated by the city's Off Track Betting Corp.

    But instead of focusing on horse racing as OTB parlors normally do, the proposed teletheaters would be equipped with slot machine-like video terminals, which are also slated to be installed soon at state racetracks.

    "This could be a substitute for the commuter tax, raising hundreds of millions of dollars a year for Mayor Bloomberg," said a senior legislative official familiar with the negotiations.

    Bloomberg, facing a massive city budget deficit, has been desperately seeking additional revenues from the state, and he's repeatedly asked for the reinstatement of a commuter tax.

    He has warned of massive cutbacks unless the state comes through with significant help and the city's unions agree to givebacks.

    Under Bloomberg's plan, the commuter tax would generate $1 billion in additional revenue, but the old tax raised about $400 million a year before it was abolished three years ago.

    Gov. Pataki and State Senate Republicans have been steadfast in their opposition to a reinstatement of any type of commuter tax.

    Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno has repeatedly urged officials to develop "creative" ways to raise revenue for the city.

    John McArdle, spokesman for the Republican-controlled Senate, refused to comment on the proposal.

    "I don't want to comment on ongoing budget negotiations," he said.

    The plan likely faces intense scrutiny in the Democrat-controlled State Assembly, where Speaker Sheldon Silver has repeatedly thwarted attempts to allow casinos and other types of new gambling measures in the city.

    Silver has often cited the negatives of higher crime and adverse impacts on the poor for his opposition.

    Assembly spokesman Charles "Skip" Carrier yesterday was unfamiliar with the gambling proposal, but said it's unlikely Democrats will drop their push to reinstate the old commuter tax.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    NYC should have all-out, Vegas-style casinos, damnit. Why does this city insist on losing out to NJ and CT? *Imagine a row of casinos, say on Rockaway. *I would sayy, maybe, not to have as many hotel rooms and restaurants, etc. so the rest of the city doesn't get hurt too badly, but other then that, NYC would easily compete with LV.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    A no-smoking casino would be a first.....

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    Default New York City style casinos

    Casino New York ran on the boat Max II out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Protests and politicians eventually put it out of business.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    I'm sick of these protesters... what do we live in a monastery? *It'sa crazy - no noise, no bars, no dancing, no smoking (which I hate, but still), no tall buildings, no building in "footprints," no gambling, no strip clubs or sex in any way - I mean c'mon.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    If casinos are being proposed in New York, they should put them in Times Square.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    The OTB terminals may not go through, but it looks like New Yorkers will get their AC fix at Aqueduct...
    .................................................. .......................

    (Daily News)

    Slots for Aqueduct:
    4,500 electronic bandits are at the starting line


    New York gamblers will be able to play the ponies and the slots at the same time under a long-awaited deal announced yesterday to install video slot machines at Aqueduct race track in Queens.

    The New York Racing Association said it tapped casino giant MGM Mirage to run 4,500 of the electronic bandits at the Thoroughbred track.

    "We're very excited, because we think MGM Mirage is a first-class operation," NYRA Chairman and CEO Barry Schwartz told the Daily News.

    The machines - also called video lottery terminals - are similar to traditional slot machines except that winners are determined through a computerized lottery.

    With each raking in $300 to $500 a day, the terminals could bring the cash-strapped state up to $1 billion a year.

    The lure of the slots is expected to draw as many as 20,000 players a day to Aqueduct.

    Currently, gamblers can play the video slots only at the state's Indian casinos.

    Lawmakers authorized tracks to have the machines last year - with the state getting a 60% slice of the action - but the deals have been bogged down in more haggling over how casinos, the state and breeders will split the bounty.

    It would take about seven months after an agreement is hammered out to put electronic slots at Aqueduct.

    Lawmakers have also discussed allowing the terminals in New York City Off-Track Betting parlors, although that idea was killed by Gov. Pataki and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan).

    Trump beaten out

    MGM Mirage eclipsed casino mogul Donald Trump in a photo-finish for the contract, NYRA officials said.

    They refused to disclose the terms of the agreement, although they said the association plans to spend $100 million to launch the new upscale gambling parlor off the track's second-floor grandstand and clubhouse.

    "It'll be a first-class operation," Schwartz said.

    Once new legislation is enacted, it should take about seven months for the Aqueduct video lottery terminals to open, NYRA said.

    NYRA Vice President Bill Nader conceded the slots won't benefit New York City's coffers. But he argued the city will benefit from more people at the track.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    (Star Ledger)

    MGM secures N.Y. deal for video lottery terminals

    Friday, April 18, 2003

    Six months after MGM Mirage announced it was halting casino plans in Atlantic City, the Las Vegas giant secured a deal to operate slot-like gambling machines at Aqueduct racetrack in New York, an operation that will compete with New Jersey casinos.

    Aqueduct's owner, the New York Racing Association, announced yesterday it had signed a deal to allow MGM Mirage to operate 4,500 video lottery terminals, or VLTs -- machines that look like slots but are considered games of chance, not skill.

    In doing so, MGM Mirage beat Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts as the operator of the largest racetrack casino in the country, and the only one in New York City.

    Analysts have said growing competition threatens to chip away at Atlantic City's market. Aqueduct predicts it will lure 15,000 to 20,000 people a day with VLTs.

    "Sure there's enough to go around," New York Racing Association Chairman Barry Schwartz said. "But I would hope (Aqueduct) would take business from them."

    Terry Lanni, chairman of MGM Mirage, said he does not see Aqueduct as a direct threat to Atlantic City. MGM Mirage has invested nearly $550 million in the $1.1 billion Borgata, a casino that is expected to open in Atlantic City this summer.

    "I really don't see an effect on Atlantic City," Lanni said of the VLTs at Aqueduct. "Right now, the greatest threat to New Jersey is any legislation action that might support the governor's proposals" to raise casino taxes or allow VLTs at the Jersey tracks.

    Whether in New Jersey or New York, racetrack casinos -- or "racinos" -- are still months away. New York passed legislation in October 2001 allowing VLTs at eight tracks and six Native American casinos, including three in the Catskills. But casino mogul Donald Trump and others have sued to stop the spread of gambling, and the racing industry has been fighting with the state about its cut of the revenues.

    Schwartz said he does not want to create a place where casino-style gambling overshadows horseracing. At other racinos, horseracing has become an afterthought.

    "Our role is to make sure racing in New York is the best racing in America," Schwartz said. "This will be a first-class facility. I want the player that comes in and plays the VLTs to be able to walk a few steps and watch a race live."

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    Default New York City style casinos

    But we can't have "casionos."

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    Default New York City style casinos

    Looks like the city could be seeing more action...(Daily News)

    Cash-strapped city may give slots a whirl


    A mass infusion of slot machines in New York City may be a solution - albeit an undesirable one - to the city's behemoth budget problems, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

    "It may be an answer for the city. We need money. And don't get me wrong. It may come down to one of these Hobson's choices, where you say: 'I don't like gambling, but compared to the alternative we don't have any choice,'" he said.

    The state passed a law in 2001 allowing up to three Indian casinos in the Catskills, one in Buffalo, one in Niagara Falls and another in western New York - but none in the city.

    Bloomberg said he's spoken with Gov. Pataki, state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (R-Rensselaer) and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) about expanding gambling as one way of raising revenue.

    "It's not an idea that's dead," he said.

    But Bloomberg also stressed that gambling has its drawbacks, noting that it often attracts the people who can least afford to lose money.

    "One of the problems of using gambling as a ways to balance the budget is it has a cost," he said. "The way this stuff works is, you put in money and, yes, some people win, but on balance, whatever the state gets and whatever the operator gets ... that's everybody else's money," he said.

    Island dealt out

    Bloomberg said there is no possibility of placing casinos or any form of gambling on Governors Island, which the city recently acquired from the federal government.

    While gambling on the historic island in New York Harbor has long been proposed, Bloomberg said the city's agreement with the feds precludes it.

    A more likely long shot, he said, is an expansion of video lottery terminals, similar to traditional slot machines, except winners are determined through instantly computed lotteries.

    This week, officials announced a long-awaited deal to install 4,500 video lottery terminals at Aqueduct.

    And this month, Albany lawmakers floated the concept of installing video lottery terminals throughout the city - and Times Square was at the top of the list.

    The proposal, some lawmakers estimated, could generate more than $300 million in tax revenue for the cash-starved city.

    Kevin Quinn, a spokesman for the state Division of Budget, said, "This is something others have asked us to look at, and we will take a look at it."

    The city faces a budget deficit estimated at $3.8 billion for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Bloomberg is seeking $2.7 billion in aid from Albany to balance the budget.

    While the mayor conceded yesterday that gambling is on the negotiation table, his aides stressed that the administration is not actively pursuing it. Instead, he is seeking a commuter tax that would generate $1.4 billion in revenue.

    "The mayor does not have a lot of enthusiasm for [gambling]," Ed Skyler, Bloomberg's press secretary, said after the mayor's comments on his weekly WABC-AM radio show. "We don't have much interest."

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    Default New York City style casinos

    Two words:

    Coney Island

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    Default New York City style casinos

    One would hope that these proposed casinos will emulate Monaco as opposed to Vegas.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    I agree, but I'd bet they'd end up emulating Atlantic City.

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    Default New York City style casinos

    We should just let go of our puritanism and establish a "red light district," like our more pragmatic European cousins. *The rationale is blindingly obvious: *When you have a red light district you always know where to maintain a strong police presence. *Instead of having seedy strip clubs on far-flung outer-borough roadsides, you could concentrate and contain all that activity. *

    I could be wrong...

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    Default New York City style casinos

    Imagine a row of casinos, say on Rockaway.

    The Russian mafia would love that.

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