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Thread: Old pics New York City! (2)

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    Flying Over Manhattan NYC 1946

    Midtown Manhattan Nyc 1939

    Construction of the Empire State Building

    42nd Street NYC 1955

    Brooklyn Bridge 1955

    Manhattan 1938

    Wall Street District 1938

    New York 1958

    Times Square

    42nd Street NYC

    Manhattan Queen Mary 1957

    Wall Street N Y 1936

    Manhattan Skyline, New York City 1940

    View of Manhattan Nyc 1928

    1954, New york


    Brooklyn Bridge NYC 1938

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    You like them?

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    I sure like to see old New York. A reprieve of seeing modern New York. See lots of old buildings that are now blocked by newer buildings. Also, interesting to see New York before the late and great World Trade Center even came to existence.

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    I love these pics...especially the ones with the ocean liners in them (Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and Normandie). *

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    I love all the setbacks, they dont make em like that anymore, I know it was a regulation then , anyone know when/why it that considered art-deco?

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    View of Municipal Building from Centre Street
    January, 1904

    City Hall Subway Station
    May 25, 1907

    East River Drive construction -- looking south from Queensborough Bridge

    Murray Hill Hotel; From Park Avenue and 40th Street. Nov. 19, 1935

    Daily News Building; 42nd Street between Second and Third Avenues. Nov. 21, 1935

    Cliff and Ferry Street. Nov. 29, 1935.

    Seventh Avenue looking south from 35th Street. Dec. 5, 1935.

    40th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Sept. 8, 1938

    Columbus Circle. Feb. 10, 1938.

    Pike and Henry Street. Mar. 6, 1936.

    St. Bartholomew's, Waldorf Astoria, General electric building; Park Avenue and 51st Street. Apr. 2, 1936

    Willow and Poplar Streets. May 14, 1936

    Park Row; "Newspaper Row". July 23, 1936.

    Park Avenue and 39th Street. Oct. 8, 1936

    Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 21, Pennsylvania Railroad. Mar. 23, 1937.

    General view, looking southwest to Manhattan from Manhattan Bridge. Mar. 30, 1937

    Old Post Office; Broadway and Park Row. May 25, 1938.

    Wall Street, showing East River from roof of Irving Trust Building. May 4, 1938

    Financial district rooftops: II; Looking southwest from roof of 60 Wall Tower. June 9, 1938

    City Arabesque; From roof of 60 Wall Tower. June 9, 1938.

    A worker hanging on to two steel beams

    A worker at the edge of a platform, looking north

    Three workers securing a rivet

    Workers guiding hoisting cable.:1930's.

    Worker signaling below, view looking north east

    Connecting the beams

    Icarus, high up on Empire State mg:

    Two workers securing a rivet

    Two workers inspecting steel

    Crew attaching rivets

    Worker bolting a steel support

    View of the building rising to about sixteen stories

    1908. Carts with goods parked along a street in New York City, with people standing near the carts and walking in the street

    Oct 1903. Image of John A. Dowie, Reverend of the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion, Illinois, standing on a crowded street in New York City.

    May 28, 1934. Rockefeller Center. RCA Building, from 515 Madison Ave.. Gottscho, Samuel H. 1875-1971, (Samuel Herman), photographer.

    1908. Trinity churchyard and skyscrapers, New York

    1908. Broadway, New York

    c. 1910 - 1920. Woolworth Building, New York City. City Hall Park and Post Office at lower left.

    c 1910. Times Square, New York, N.Y. Times Building in center, Hotel Astor at right.

    c. 1915 - 1925. Central Park, aerial view, New York, NY

    c. 1915 - 1925. Central Park, aerial view, looking south, New York.

    1910. *St. Paul and Park Row buildings, New York, two tallest buildings in the world.

    Wm. Van Alen: Chrysler *
    Building New York, 1929-30. 1046' ht.

    Two early designs and
    the final product(Chrysler building)

    Construction of the Chrysler building

    Photo taken from the Chanin Building
    on April 14, 1930.
    Image courtesy of Frank Gerlak.

    The Municipal Building
    McKim, Mead and White
    New York City, 1913

    American Radiator Building
    Raymond Hood
    New York City, 1924

    New York Telephone Building
    (The Barclay-Vesey Building)
    Ralph Walker of Voorhees, Gmelin and Walker
    New York City, 1926

    The Chrysler Building
    William Van Alen
    New York City, 1930

    The Empire State Building
    Shreve, Lamb, and Harmon
    New York City, 1930

    Rockefeller Center
    Reinhard & Hoffmeister
    Corbett, Harrison, & MacMurray
    Hood & Fouilhoux
    New York City, 1927-36

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    Broadway at Battery Place 1920's, Wide View

    Central Park 1950's

    Central Park 1950's, The Great Lawn.

    City Hall Park

    Empire State Building 1940's

    Gimbels in Snow Storm

    New York Life Building 1940's

    NYC Cortlandt Street 1900

    NYC in the Snow 1940's

    NYC Post Office and Horse Drawn Trolley ca1900

    NYC Skyline from New Jersey 1950's

    NYC-Battery Park ca1900

    Old NY Times Building 1900

    S-Curve, 2nd Avenue el at Coenties Slip 1&2

    S-Curve, 2nd Avenue el at Coenties Slip-1

    S-Curve, 2nd Avenue el at Coenties Slip-2

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    Default Old pics New York City! (2)

    This thread is getting ridiculous. *I have a cable modem and it still takes over a minute to load. *Please start a new thread if you feel like posting more nostalgic photos.

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