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Thread: Location of the Manhattan Project

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    Default Location of the Manhattan Project

    I want to get photos of the buildings where the research/building of the atomic bomb we're done. I know it was somewhere near Columbia University. Does anyone know the exact location?

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    Default Location of the Manhattan Project

    I can't tell you which building, but here's some info:

    Columbia was one of three universities doing research for the Army Corp of Engineers. Harold Urey headed the Columbia research at the SAM Laboratory (code for Substitute Alloy Materials).

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    Default Location of the Manhattan Project


    The Manhattan Project. A strange irony after September 11th, IMO. Makes you think...

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    Default Location of the Manhattan Project

    What's the irony? I'm like uranium - dense.

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    Default The Manhattan Project

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    Northeast corner, main campus. Down in the hole.

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    The Times article that accompanies the Interactive Map posted by brianac is very informative:

    October 30, 2007

    Why They Called It the Manhattan Project

    Copyright 2007 The New York Times Company

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