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    Default Sports in the City

    NYC has EVERYTHING, yet having trouble finding the following:

    1) Raquetball courts (not squash, not paddleball, etc) where it would be less expensive to build my own atop a penthouse in midtown.

    2) Fall Softball league. Men's only preferred, but co-ed acceptable. Had a team in MetroSports this year, but not satisfied with lack of organization. Want competitive play, and good fields with lights preferably in Midtown.

    Any thoughts on either/both?

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    a softball field in Midtown? Ummm....Dont think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonUptown
    a softball field in Midtown? Ummm....Dont think so.
    Not true. There's a field w/lights over on W.52 or 53rd and the West Side Highway?

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    That's Dewitt Clinton Park between 52nd and 54th

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    My apologies, your right, NYC DOES have everything!

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    I believe that there is also a softball field right next to the 59th St. bridge. It is even lit up at night.

    Now, as for raquetball courts, I am definitely interested in figuring that one out.

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    We have like 3 or 4 raquetball courts in Baruch College. They're free to use for students offcourse, and I think its like 150-250$ for other to become a member of the Baruch Athletic center and use the courts, the pools, and the fitness center....

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