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Thread: Crime in New York City

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    Anecdotal, I can't substantiate this but I remember reading in the Times during one of our big three day cold snaps, crime dropped.

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    I don't think that's statistically meaningful over three months. And we're talking about homicide. Total crime was about the same as last year.

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    Temperature - violent crime is often tracked by the discomfort index, temp + humidity. It's a summer thing, I guess where "the long hot summer" originated. Stress is higher, so the chance of violent confrontations is greater.

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    But you can also think of it as kind of a fluid low.

    One week of cold will not get rid of the desire (or need) for things such as robbery. A longer period of cold might make a difference.

    Also, long periods of being cooped up inside will lead to more instances of domestic conflict and violence. Cabin Fever.


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    NYPD interactive map reveals city's most dangerous areas

    The online map shows the timing and location of crimes by month, allowing research into the patterns of crime across the five boroughs.

    By Tina Moore / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    Monday, December 9, 2013, 4:58 AM


    The darker the precinct, the more crime per thousand people is committed. Since January, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Times Square have experienced most crime since January.

    The NYPD released a new online, interactive map Sunday that allows users to research major crime across the city.
    The map plots the time and location of crimes by month, and for the current and prior year.


    A comparison of this map based on 2010 Census Information and the newly released interactive crime map from the NYPD shows that shootings and murders are more prevalent in poorer neighborhoods of New York

    People can search the map by address, ZIP code or police precinct.


    As a whole, Manhattan suffers greater crime than many parts of the other four boroughs.

    “With unprecedented population levels, New York City is safer than ever, with homicides on pace this year to fall below recent historic lows,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement. “This administration has relied on data to drive its crimefighting, and this map helps enhance New Yorkers’ and researchers’ understanding of where felony and violent crime persists.”

    The crime-mapping website was mandated by city law earlier this year and created by the city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.


    With an average of nearly 26 crimes per 1,000 residents, Precinct 41 in The Bronx has proved to be one of the most dangerous parts of the city.

    Crime statistics by precinct have been available on the NYPD’s website since 2003 and are updated weekly. The site is at


    Harlem shows a large number of robberies between January and October.

    But the data posted online previously did not show locations of crimes and were broken down by precinct and patrol borough.
    The map only lists the incidents by the type of crime, which falls into the seven major crime categories - murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto.


    Much of Brooklyn and Staten Island are relatively free from serious crime.

    The NYPD does not release information about misdemeanor crime in the city.
    With Joe Kemp

    Read more:

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    New Commissioner Details Plans For NYPD

    Newly appointed Commissioner Bill Bratton yesterday offered fresh details into his plans for the NYPD. He said he'd begin with repairing the relationship of the police force and the community. Officers would be reminded that they are dealing with a human being when engaging in stop-and-frisk, and to do so in a constitutional manner. Additional oversight of the police was welcomed. Operation Impact, a program flooding high crime neighborhoods with rookie cops that results in numerous stops, would be curbed. But Operation Crew Cut, an initiative aimed at youth gangs, would be expanded. John Miller, a news anchor and former head of the LAPD's counterterrorism bureau, was appointed as the NYPD's counter-terrorism chief. Bratton said he would continue sending officers overseas despite the high price tag and lack of success in developing leads on potential attacks in New York. He also reiterated his commitment to an intensive focus on traffic issues in order to reduce fatalities.

    © Gotham Gazette is published by Citizens Union Foundation

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    NYPD made a big show in the skies over our fair city just after midnight on New Years Day ...

    One of their big black helicopters, with mega-spotlight shining, did multiple loop-de-loops over the rooftops down this way, with no apparent purpose but to let folks know that they were up there (the spotlight wasn't aimed anywhere in particular, but was spilling across building facades and sidewalks). The thump thump thump of the propellors was really loud and ominous, seemingly saying, "Progressives Be Warned." After about 15 minutes of figure eights in the sky it disappeared into the dark.

    Maybe it was Kelly's Last Stand

    Or perhaps it was Bratton taking a first look around

    But given his still-needed security clearance I doubt it was the new Commissioner up above.

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    Didn't know where else to post this ...

    But so much for blaming the Unions for outrageous cost of construction in NYC:

    Construction Firm Admits to Defrauding Customers by Falsely Inflating Bills

    April 30, 2014

    Structure Tone, one of the nation’s largest construction firms, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to corruption charges and agreed to forfeit $55 million for a scheme in which the company defrauded a roster of prominent financial institutions, law firms and ad agencies out of tens of millions of dollars.

    The company arranged for electrical, plumbing, drywall and other subcontractors to falsely inflate their bills for Structure Tone’s clients, investigators say, adding millions of dollars to the cost of building office space for Bank of America; Moody’s; Bloomberg; Proskauer Rose, a law firm; and other major customers between 2005 and 2009.

    The plea is part of the latest scandal to erupt in the largely hidden but vastly lucrative business of designing and building the walls and guts of corporate towers in New York City, an industry in which corruption often adds to the already high cost for developers, law enforcement officials say. The continuing investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office has resulted in guilty pleas or convictions against six other companies and at least half a dozen executives.

    For Structure Tone, the plea hearing in State Supreme Court in Manhattan was a replay of a past scandal involving interior construction contractors. In 1998, the company paid $10 million and pleaded guilty to felony charges related to its role in a $2 billion bid-rigging and bribery scheme involving Sony Corporation and other high-profile companies.

    But despite its checkered past, Structure Tone, the largest interior construction firm in the city’s $29 billion construction industry, continues to thrive; Sony recently hired the company to build its new New York headquarters on Madison Avenue.

    “Interiors construction is a multibillion-dollar industry in New York City and is vital to our city’s economy,” the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said in a statement. “Structure Tone’s felony plea and forfeiture of $55 million — one of the largest forfeiture penalties ever imposed on a construction company — sends a clear message that this type of criminal activity will not be tolerated. This plea agreement addresses the severity of Structure Tone’s criminal conduct, while taking into consideration the remedial actions the company has implemented.”

    Mr. Vance said the construction industry “should be on alert.”

    “We are rooting out fraud,” he added, “and making sure that honest businesses can compete fairly.”

    Structure Tone officials said that they were satisfied to have the matter resolved and that the case would not affect the company’s ability to work on current and future projects. It pleaded guilty to a single count of falsifying business records in the first degree.

    “The record-keeping issues, which form the basis of this agreement, date back to the period 2005 to 2009, and we have fully cooperated with authorities from the beginning,” Structure Tone said in a statement. “The financial position of our company — which generates $3 billion annually in revenue — continues to be strong. Long before this process began, we strengthened our compliance protocols to improve transparency.”

    Structure Tone was not the only interior contractor to emerge relatively intact from the investigation. Robert N. Bennis, an executive who went to prison briefly for his role as a kingpin in the bid-rigging scheme, is now in charge of Condé Nast’s move from Midtown to 1 World Trade Center.

    In the current case, David Szuchman, the district attorney’s chief of investigations, said Structure Tone had falsified business records that allowed it to reap “tens of millions of dollars from easily dozens of companies,” by inflating purchase orders over the five-year course of the scheme.

    Mr. Szuchman said the scheme ended in 2010 after Structure Tone became aware of the investigation. Although the company has since taken remedial action to avoid illegal practices, he said his office would monitor the company’s business records for the next three years to ensure that there was no wrongdoing.

    After pleading guilty in 1998, Structure Tone said it worried that its reputation would be forever stained. The company was the largest beneficiary of the bribery and bid-rigging, having admitted to paying a bribe to ensure that it won a $500 million contract to renovate Sony’s former headquarters. Nearly three dozen companies and 40 executives pleaded guilty.

    Thomas D. Thacher III, a former prosecutor who led the Construction Industry Strike Force, a state unit investigating corruption and racketeering, described the second conviction of Structure Tone as “déjà vu all over again” for one of the most successful companies in the construction industry.

    “The opportunities to steal and the incentives to cheat are so huge in construction that fraud has always threatened every single building project in our city,” said Mr. Thacher, chief executive of Thacher Associates, which provides a monitoring service for companies engaged in construction projects. “Corruption adds many, many hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of construction each year in this city, and that cost is passed on to the public.”

    Structure Tone specializes in building office space, or interior construction, as opposed to erecting the core and shell of a skyscraper. In some instances, it acts as a construction manager for a firm, overseeing the work, negotiating contracts and hiring subcontractors, on behalf of a corporate client.

    On other jobs, the company serves as a general contractor hired to perform the work for a fixed price, or “lump sum.”

    According to investigators, when Structure Tone acted as a construction manager it would tell subcontractors to raise their prices to account for unnecessary “contingencies” under an addendum known as “Rider B,” whose existence was never revealed to the client. At the same time, the executives would demand a discount from subcontractors on “lump sum” contracts.

    “Rider B was the vehicle for the fraud,” Mr. Szuchman said.

    The district attorney’s current investigation began in 2009, with the Builders Group, a firm that was eventually indicted on a charge of stealing $7 million from clients at five condominium and office projects in New York.

    The company, as well as three executives, ultimately pleaded guilty, and the company is no longer in business.

    Months later, investigators raided the offices of Lehr Construction, another prominent firm that had been implicated in the 1998 bid-rigging scheme.

    As a result of information gleaned from a second set of business records discovered at the home of a Lehr executive, the district attorney’s office began interviewing 100 subcontractors about fake invoices and inflated bills.

    Many of the subcontractors provided information about not only Lehr, but also Structure Tone and other companies.

    The district attorney subsequently won convictions against Lehr and three of its top executives.

    Structure Tone denied charges of corruption during a series of meetings and produced a series of presentations about its business. It hired lawyers and public relations consultants.

    But on Wednesday, Structure Tone pleaded guilty to falsifying business records and paid one of the largest forfeiture penalties ever imposed on a construction company.

    “However they want to spin it,” said J. Bruce Maffeo, a former federal prosecutor who has represented subcontractors in the construction industry, “$55 million is still a lot of money, even in this town.”

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    Susan Donovan · Top Commenter · Bronx, New York
    I hate to be the "math teacher" but if the Bronx and Manhattan are 22 by RANK and Dallas is 5 it is not proper to say that the Bronx is ___ times safer because the ranks are not the same as absolute crime rates so a ratio of ranks makes no sense.
    But beyond that this article makes an excellent point!

    Senator Ted Cruz, Republican From Texas Bashes Bronx Yet Our Borough Is Safer Than 3 Largest Cities In Texas

    by Ed García Conde

    Tea Party Republic Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, in an attempt to mock Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, bashed The Bronx as a dangerous place when he said, according to Business Insider, “Now, I understand that Manhattan is very concerned with their security with the Bronx, but it’s a little bit different on 2,000 miles of the Rio Grande.” Senator Cruz said these remarks during a meeting of the conservative Americans For Prosperity’s Defending The American Dream Summit in Dallas, Texas. Guess he doesn’t know his own state and that The Bronx is safer than its 3 largest cities. Here’s a little lesson for you, Senator Cruz, courtesy of a little digging Welcome2TheBronx did:

    The following is data compiled by the FBI via their Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics utilizing the latest dataset as well as data from the NYPD for The Bronx:

    Crime Rate of The Bronx vs Dallas and Houston

    Violent Crime Stats as of 2012

    As you can see from the data Dallas, which was the location of the meeting where Senator Ted Cruz made his disparaging remarks about The Bronx, has a much higher murder rate and almost double the incidents of rape. In the robbery and assault categories, The Bronx and Dallas are roughly on par with The Bronx slightly higher in those categories. Houston’s crime rate is also significantly higher across all major violent crime categories.

    Crime has continued to drop in all the above cities but The Bronx is still ahead of the game with a murder rate of 5.9 and 16.7 rapes per 100,000 population according to NYPD stats for 2013. Also now that crime stats from Riker’s Island will no longer be counted with The Bronx, you can expect the numbers to drop even more drastically for our borough.

    Furthermore, the popular data site, (used by such sites as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal) lists the Bronx as safer than Dallas and Houston. In fact. NeighborhoodScout gives The Bronx a rating of 22 out of 100 (100 being the safest) with Dallas receiving 3 out of 100, Houston 5 out of 100, and San Antonio got a 3 out of 100 making our borough over 7 times safer than Dallas and San Antonio and over 5 times safer than Houston — all 3 which are the largest cities in Texas with a population of over 1 million.

    Oh and here’s another little interesting tid-bit: Manhattan received the same rating of 22 out of 100 from NeighborhoodScout as The Bronx. And according to an article by the Huffington Post last year, Brooklyn was actually the bloodiest borough far ahead of The Bronx (interesting how media spins and age old stereotypes continue to portray The Bronx as the worst of all).

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    A simple way to get a real-world view of how homicide rates in other places would translate to NYC:

    Multiply the rate by 84 (total population divided by 100,000).

    If NYC were Dallas, we would have 1042 homicides per year.

    Hello 1997.

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