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    Just need some opinions.
    I am staying at a hotel in Rye. My plan is to drive from Rye to pick up the subway at the Pelham Bay Park station.
    Does anyone know if there is a parking garage there?
    Is it a decent area if I get back from the city late at night?
    Is it a pain to drive from Rye to this subway location?

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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    Doesn't the train stop at Rye, couldn't you take that into the city.? (I presume you're going to midtown).

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    I think that it does. I never even thought of that, since I am not from that area. I will look into that.

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    There is a Metro North train stop at Rye that goes directly into Grand Central Station. One-way web tickets go for $9.74 (peak) and $7.13 (off-peak). Fares are slightly higher if you buy them at the station, and significantly higher if you buy them on the train. Deep discounts on weekly, monthly, and assorted muti-trip option tickets are available as well.

    Express trains take about 40 minutes station-to-station, local trains up to 50 minutes. You can get further information here:

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    Thanks eddhead. I will look into that option.


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