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Thread: Top 10 things to do in New York City

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    Try a cuisine you never had before, for example: Thai, Ethiopian, Afghan, Belgian

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    Default One of my favorites...

    Take the Lexington Avenue Local downtown and stay on the train, beyond the last stop. A real treat!

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    what happens if you do stay on a train after it comes to the last stop and the conductor says get off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILUVNYC
    what happens if you do stay on a train after it comes to the last stop and the conductor says get off?
    Then you have no choice but to obey him, unfortunately. Downtown 6 trains loop around toward the uptown track when they pull out of Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station; they pass through the Old City Hall station in the process. Considering the architectural merit of the old station, it's quite sad that this isn't allowed.

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    Default Re: Top 10 things to do in New York City

    Quote Originally Posted by amigo32
    Main sites are very good! *What would any of our members suggest for off the beaten path locations?
    Get off the Staten Island Ferry and explore the island!

    Staten Island Tourism map:

    Explore the historic St. George neighborhood surrounding the ferry:

    St. George walking tour map (pdf file):

    During the summer catch the Staten Island Yankees playing in the ballpark right next to the ferry:

    Check out Snug Harbor Cultural Center:

    And the Chinese Scholar's Garden at Snug Harbor:

    There's also the Tibetan Museum:

    The Greenbelt, Gateway National Recreation Area, and Clay Pit Ponds State Park:

    Greenbelt brochure (pdf file):

    Greenbelt trail map (pdf file):

    The new nature center in the Greenbelt:

    Historic Richmond Town:

    The Boardwalk and beaches:

    Anong other little known "off the beaten path locations" on Staten Island!

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    Go to 34th street and 12th Avenue. There's a parking lot, enter and head to your left and you'll find a way on the highline.

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    Default Corner Bistro

    In addition to all these very fine suggestions, sneak off to the Corner Bistro in the West Village for my favorite burger in NYC!

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    Default That's right EAT!!!

    It may not be the best or exactly the top thing to do but it certainly is among the top 10. Besides according to Snapple, NYC has more french restaurants than France. We have such a large variety of cuisines, just come and try everything, except things that are personally stomach-turning.


    Metroleisures - The Best of New York

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    Mom just left after a week's visit, so I've done alot of these!

    Took us a long to to get to the Empire State Building Observatory, which is a must-see IMHO. Everytime I have guests they want to do it, and I go gladly.

    Tiffany's Fifth Avenue: Hiding out from a downpour, Mom & I spent 45 minutes examing the beautiful jewelry. It's like an upclose museum visit. Breaktaking if you really take a moment to look at it all.

    Staten Island Ferry: Great Views--AND FREE!!!

    Ellis Island: Don't do only half the trip, the Statue of Liberty isn't even half as interesting as the immigration museum. Just at a time when I couldn't be more disgusted with my country, a trip to Ellis Island reminds you, warts and all, we're a great, great country.

    Museum of Modern Art: just went.Wow!

    Go to an outrageous nightclub or a drag queen restaurant (like Lips or Lucky Chengs). See the side of culture that can never (be it gay, s&m, Limelightesque-club kids) that never gets a foothold in most of the world.

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    Hello we're french and we want friends in NY, for talking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John et Aurèl
    Hello we're french and we want friends in NY, for talking.
    Ok, talk about what? NY or life in general?

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    Five Recommendations:

    5. Corner Bistro: Cheap beer and the best burgers and fries on the planet.

    4. Broadway: New York boasts the best and most elaborate (and expensive) theater productions in the world. If you’re a visitor, make a point to catch one.

    3. Craning at Skyscrapers: One of the best places to experience the majesty of New York’s skyscrapers is the plaza outside One Chase Manhattan just off of Wall Street. In that location you will be bounded on three sides by some of the tallest buildings in the city (AIG, 40 Broad, 1 Chase). It makes you feel like an ant… but in a good way.

    2. American Museum of Natural History: The biggest and best natural history museum in the world. Amazing.

    1. Cycling Central Park at Dusk: Everyone should bike the Central Park loop. It's good exercise and you really begin to appreciate how beautiful and big the Park (and the City) is. While everyone is familiar with the central and southern zones of the Park, few tourists get up to the northern zone. It offers a lot of hidden surprises. Dusk after a warm day is the best time to bike the loop. It is very crowded at all other times, but once the sun goes down, the loop empties. There is something indescribable about speeding around the park at night with the dark masses of the trees and the bright masses of skyscrapers behind them. In the summer, if you bike at night, you can often listen to concert going on while you pedal.

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    I'm surprised nobody suggested Brooklyn Heights.

    My suggestions from that area:

    Brooklyn Heights (Photos): Promenade (Photos), Montague Street; or just stroll the streets (Spring and Autumn)

    Fulton Ferry: Landing Platform (Photos Views) and new park (Photos)

    DUMBO & Vinegar Hill (Photos) -- if you search for unbeaten place to visit, go here

    Carrol Gardens (Photos) are a short walk away and could be an interesting place to visit as well. Although I'm not sure if this place would get on the top 10 list...

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    Ride the Staten Island Ferry, about an hour ride back and fourth. Bring the camera to take pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan. Hey its free.

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