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Thread: Save Tribeca's giant urinal!

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    Default Save Tribeca's giant urinal!

    After a meal at Bubby's Pie Company in Tribeca, you're supposed to remember how good the pie is. * However, if you've had too many beers with your pie, all you'll remember instead is how darn big their urinal is.

    Or, rather, was. *Because they're being forced to get rid of it.

    We need to find this giant urinal a home! *Perhaps one of you owns a restaurant, or runs a posh gentlemen's club, or has an apartment big enough for an upright bathrub you pee in. *Help us save this incredible receptacle! * *

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    Default Save Tribeca's giant urinal!

    Lol. That's kinda random.

    But honestly, I have seen ones of similar size in movie theaters.

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    Default Save Tribeca's giant urinal!

    A crappy bath-tub turned on end. What's the story here?

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    Default Save Tribeca's giant urinal!

    The urinals at McSorley's are the largest I've ever seen, I did a quick search and found a thread that engages in some 'heady' 'potty talk'. * *

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    Default Save Tribeca's giant urinal!

    They're all that big in schools. At least as far as I remember. It's probably becuase you have really short kids and really tall kids, wide range of ages. One stall fits all .

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