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Thread: Tribeca vs Flatiron

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    I am moving to New York in 3 months and would like to ask to the New Yorkers which is the ideal district for living between Tribeca and Flatiron.

    I found two perfect condos, one in Tribeca with riverside view, and one in Flatiron with a view on the Union Square.
    Both have pretty the same amenities, size and price.

    Can you please give me the pros and cons of each district?

    Thank you for your help!

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    It depends on what you want. Tribeca is more family oriented and has quieter side streets. Flatiron is more in the middle of things and has better subway access but is also much busier.

    Also think about how you are going to get around; Tribeca is good if you need access to the West Side Highway and Holland Tunnel but Flatiron, as stated, has much better subway access.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allis View Post

    I found two perfect condos, one in Tribeca with riverside view, and one in Flatiron with a view on the Union Square.

    Thank you for your help!
    They are simply two different 'neighborhoods' and one will only be 'better' than the other based on your personal 'preferences/tastes/attitudes/ect' . One important practical matter regarding the Flatiron apartment is that you will be getting a lot of street noise from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the Union Square vicinity; that will not be so much the case in the Tribecca apartment. That problem can be solved with special double glazed windows, but if you do not already have them in the apartment it will be a major expense to have them installed latter on once you have move in to the place.

    Other than that; it is pretty much a toss up - below about 96th street it is all a dense, dirty, and noisy urban jungle.

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    Tribeca is basically quiet as a mouse on weekends. Long walk for essential shopping (especially as you move north). Seems everybody who has moved there lately has another house (or 3) outside the city) and can afford to have others do the basic work needed to stay alive & keep a home going.

    Still, I'd kill to live in some of the Tribeca buildings (especially if they're not too close to tunnel access streets).

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    I have lived in both neighborhoods. Both are great, but they are very different.

    Tribeca is pretty quiet, especially at night and on the weekends, though there are some great restaurants. There are a lot of old factory buildings and cobblestone streets, which gives it a pretty charming vibe. The biggest drawback (relative to flatiron) is the transportation. Since it is at the very south of the island, it can take a while to get to the uptown neighborhoods.

    Flatiron / union square is busy all the time. There is a lot to do at night, though much of the nightlife caters to students, since there are a lot of NYU dorms around there. It is probably the most convenient area in NYC, both in terms of what you can find in walking distance (shopping, farmers markets, restaurants, bars, etc) and also in terms of public transportation.

    Which one is better depends on your tastes, but in general I would probably recommend Flatiron for singles or people who are looking to go out often, and Tribeca for families or married couples that want a more peaceful area.


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