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Thread: Carnegie Mews - 211 West 56th Street

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    Default Carnegie Mews - 211 West 56th Street

    Carnegie Mews is a 36-story apartment building offering studios and 1-bedrooms for rent, located at 211 West 56th Street, between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

    I took some pictures from the rooftop of Carnegie Mews on Thanksgiving Day.

    The North view: the beautiful Central Park

    The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade proceeding along the Central Park West

    Columbus Circle and Trump International Hotel and Towers with Park Laurel on the right

    The construction site of AOL Timer Warner Center

    The South view along Broadway: 750 Seventh Avenue Building

    Equitable Center with Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in front and to the left and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Plaza (745 Seventh Avenue) on the right

    MONY Building and Worldwide Plaza

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    Default Carnegie Mews

    Thanks! *Those are very nice. *I especially like the view of the Trump International Buiding looking down Broadway.

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    Default Carnegie Mews

    Thank you so much for sharing these awesome pictures. I especially like the ones overlooking Central Park. Great work! Thank you.
    Kathleen Kelly

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    Default Carnegie Mews

    I used to live in this building. Here is the view I enjoyed for 3 years from my studio on 30th floor.

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    Default Carnegie Mews

    Wow! Nice view! *I hope you have a similiar or nicer view from your current place.

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    Default Carnegie Mews

    This is the view from my current place looking South. The photo was taken on 5 September 2000. From right to left: McGraw-Hill Building, New Yorker Hotel, World Trade Center, One Penn Plaza, Nelson Tower, Hilton Times Square Hotel, Milford Plaza Hotel, Empire State Building, Reuters Building, Viacom Building, Marriott Marquis Hotel. *A year ago Ernst and Young Building, and Westin Times Square Hotel were not in the picture.

    I love this view, but will have to leave in several months because I can not afford it anymore.

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