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Thread: Silver Towers - 600 West 42nd Street @ 11th Ave - Rental - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default Silver Towers - 600 West 42nd Street @ 11th Ave - Rental - by Costas Kondylis

    Does anybody have any information about River Place II development? *In this article Larry Silverstein mentions it, and it says it should begin construction mid-2001. *And in this graphic it is listed as under construction. *I can't find any info on it, though. *Anybody? Anybody?

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    Default River Place II

    On January 12th there was an active parking lot on the site of Riverplace 2, as you can see on the photo below. The start of the construction of Riverplace 2 might be delayed because 1) rental real estate is currently depressed, 2) at 921 apartments in Riverplace 1, they might have difficulty renting out all the apartments, and 3) Brodsky just finished 41-story 420 W 42nd St (The Zebra) rental apartment building just 2 blocks away, and the Victory building (also on the picture) will be finished in 2002 (although I do not know whether it is going to be a rental, if anybody has any info, please post it)

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    Default River Place II

    That's too bad, thanks for the update.

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    Default Javits Convention Center Hotel



    April 8, 2005 -- A 42nd Street development site that Gov. George Pataki envisions as a convention hotel gateway to an expanded Javits Center is going on the block.

    Landowner Larry A. Silverstein is interviewing the city's top real estate brokers for the sales assignment expected to be awarded next week.

    A sale could bring the World Trade Center leaseholder about $300 a foot or around $240 million that he could use towards that development.

    Sources say the parcel on the eastern end of 11th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Streets is zoned "for anything" and can be built to about 800,000 square feet.

    Silverstein Properties previously developed the western end of the block with the River Place rental tower and expected to build a companion apartment building.

    Silverstein could not be reached for comment.

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    Default Two River Place

    They've started excavation but the permit says the owner is River Place II LLC, which means the convention center hotel will have to be built elsewhere.

    Notice a crane is up for the 46 story 625 West 42nd Street.

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    I'd rather the hotel be built, but at least this building is pretty tall too. 625 fifth looks like a cool building, so let it rise

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    Originally posted by Derek2k3 in New Far West 42nd Street Developments thread:

    Project #17

    River Place Phase II
    600 West 42nd Street
    53 stories 522/559 feet
    Costas Kondylis & Partners
    Dev-Silverstein Properties
    Residential Rental
    882 units 854,683 Sq. Ft.

    Silverstein Properties

    Slated for development in 2004, this new sister building to One River Place will offer 882 residential apartments on West 42nd Street at 11th Avenue.

    The New York Times
    March 17, 2004

    Developer Balking Over Plans for West Side Convention Hotel


    The long-awaited plans for an expanded $2.8 billion convention and stadium corridor on Manhattan's far West Side have hit a snag, even as state and city officials prepare to formally announce the project.

    Government officials want to build a 1,500-room convention hotel and ballroom at 42nd Street and 11th Avenue as part of a $1.4 billion expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center nearby. They view the hotel as a critical element of their plans to attract more conventions and trade shows to New York.

    But Larry A. Silverstein, the developer who owns the block where officials plan to build the hotel, is balking. "Larry Silverstein has not heard from either state or city government concerning that property," said Howard J. Rubenstein, his spokesman. "Therefore, he thinks it's premature to discuss what he might do."

    Mr. Silverstein built a 900-room apartment tower on the western half of the block several years ago and has said he plans to build a similar tower on the parking lot next door. But in recent weeks, two people active in the hotel industry have said that Mr. Silverstein talked to a developer working with the Hyatt hotel chain about building a tower with condominiums and hotel rooms, though on a much smaller scale than a convention hotel. Mr. Rubenstein said, "He has spoken to no one about a hotel on his property."

    In any event, Charles A. Gargano, chairman of the Javits development corporation, said the state would condemn the property if necessary.

    "We've recognized all along that a convention hotel would work well with an expanded Javits," he said.

    The hotel industry has lobbied for a decade to expand the Javits center, which stretches along 11th Avenue from 34th to 38th Street. And Robert Boyle, chairman of the Javits operating corporation, has long wanted to put a large convention hotel at 42nd Street and 11th Avenue.

    The proposed expansion of the convention center would bring it up to 40th Street and nearly double the size of the exhibition space. On the south side of the center, the Jets are proposing a $1.4 billion football stadium that would provide an additional 200,000 square feet.

    Jonathan M. Tisch, chairman of the city's convention and visitors bureau, said yesterday at a forum sponsored by Crain's New York that the executive board of the city's Hotel Association had agreed to a $1.50-a-night hotel tax to help pay for the Javits expansion. The state and city are each expected to contribute $300 million. He said he expected the project to be announced very soon.

    Copyright 2004 The New York Times Company

    Javits Convention Center Hotel
    600 West 42nd Street
    50 stories 664 feet
    HOK Architects
    Commercial Hotel
    1,500 rooms



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    The site of 600 W 42nd Street. 16 July 2005.

    The site of 600 W 42nd Street. 16 July 2005.

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    Actually, all of the work being done on the River Place II site isn't to build River Place II. Unfortunately, it's part of a Brownfield Clean-Up program, because the ground is contaminated underneath the lot (and under River Place I as well). I think Silverstein may have sold the land, but this excavation isn't to build, it's to clean up. And man, it's noisy.

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    I thought that funding to clean brownfield sites was tied to development of the affected area. So, the clean-up implies development to immediately follow. Yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynRider
    I thought that funding to clean brownfield sites was tied to development of the affected area. So, the clean-up implies development to immediately follow. Yes?
    Yes - can't develop without it. But - from what they are telling us here there's no River Place II going up on it.

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    The site stinks.

    In foreground, with the existing fat thing

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    I have a feeling there will be many more clean up projects on other Westside lots as well, that area is a mess

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    Whats going up here? The Riverside II or the hotel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkYankee
    Whats going up here? The Riverside II or the hotel?
    Planned Riverside II. Silverstein is looking to sell. City/State looking for it to be a 1500 room mega-hotel. I think it will be a hotel.

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