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    Default Random House Building

    Just found these renderings of the Random House/Park Imperial.

    (Edited by MikeV at 12:04 am on Jan. 19, 2002)

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    Default Random House Rendering

    not a big fan of this project...

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    Default Random House Rendering

    It should be nearing completion now, right ?

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    Default Random House Rendering

    Here the recent pictures of the construction progress of Random House/Park Imperial.

    The view from the Central Park on 20 January 2002.

    The view from Ninth Avenue on 27 January 2002.

    The view from Pier 88 on 27 January 2002.

    The view from Broadway on 27 January 2002.

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    Default Random House Rendering

    Thanks. Great pictures.
    Looks like an ever growing skyline. Fantastic !

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    Default Random House Rendering

    Hey, wow! *I can't beleive that it's already that far along! *Last I heard it had just been approved. *New York construction moves fast!!!

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    Default Random House Rendering

    Not that fast. There were at least 25 floors last may.

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    I think it's taken its place as one of Manhattan's lesser landmarks. I explain to visitors how its towers are meant to resemble a shelf of books, and they nod appreciatively.

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