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    fairfield towers condominiums is located in brooklyn, ny off of flatlands ave in east ny. originally rentals, it has now been brought by new management and is receiving a face lift so it can soon be sold (this summer) as condos for low-middle income workers. a 3 bedroon 1 1/2 bath will go for about 220,000. not bad right! is. I recently went to check out an 3 bed apartment there and I was very dissapointed. you can smell the roaches as soon as they opened the door. the apartments are spacious however very old and worn. the kitcken cabinets and the stove is ancient, and they told me they were not going to replace them...I guess what I'm trying to say is although the price is right the quality of the building and the apartments are horrible. buyers look out and beware. they offer a kick ass abated low maintenance but the building is trash. and the only repair they have done so far is change the windows..they have tons of work 2 do

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    that development is was poorly upkept, which led to people not paying their rent, which led to a maintenance strike by the workers. it needs a major rehab before it can be considered as an investment. public transportation sucks over there (B83 bus to Pennsylvania Avenue on the #3 train), and the projects are a stone's throw away. Its still East New York. But with all that being said, if the buildings are fully restored, the complex can become a diamond in the rough. Shopping is easy with Gateway Center nearby, and for entertainment you have Linden Movie Theaters.

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    The inside track on Fairfiled Towers is that the majority of the facelift is just that, a facelift (cosmetic dressing for curb appeal). Some rooftops were done in the past few years but the work was shoddy and it was done to satisfy the installation of cell phone atennas on the roof (potential electromagnetic radiation hazard?). There was an elevator "remondernization" project for an alledged $2M but many of the elevators still orperate marginally with random outages. Some existing work was initiated without proper Permits from the Dept. of Buildings, e.g., handicap ramps inside the building at the rear entrance/exit. Intercoms were replaced (some units still not operational), main entrance intercome moved from inside vestibule to external face of building (no cover for visitors or package courier services during inclimate weather). New keyless building entry system tracks and logs legal residents entering the building (Why? IGood question.). Installation of electric submetering system is plagued with operational problems (no documentation on file with City or State to know how the system shoeld perform in accordance with preestablished regulations or guidelines), i.e., residents have no way of knowing for certain that the system is working properly. Sprinkle in some water flow/pressure problems that cause the water temperature and rate of flow to flucuate while taking a shower. Add it all together along with other problems to be expected from a poorly maintained 40+ year-old peoperty with an ineffective condo board and you have an asking price of $250-$300/sq.ft. (don't forget no amenities to mention). It's a great deal...if you're the dealer, uh, my bad, I meant the seller.

    (please forgive any typos...I am visually challenged.)

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