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Thread: Truly desperate for NYC

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    Default Truly desperate for NYC

    Are there any flop houses left? is so, where are they now?

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    I'm sure BxOne will be able to help you with this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOVENYC456
    Are there any flop houses left?
    Do you mean (in the NYC vernacular) "single room occupancy" hotels?

    There are quite a few; got to and search there.

    Along the Bowery north & south of Houston St. there are a number of places with the cublicle type accomodations, though not nearly as many as there used to be.

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    Default flophouses

    Yes, Thanks.


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    Enjoy your "flop". If you have enough time, try to "flip".

    New York voted for john Kerrey last election, he was our favorite Flip-Flopper.

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