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Thread: Great NYC Real Estate TV show

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    Default Great NYC Real Estate TV show

    i am an admitted real estate junkie, former broker, now retired. last weekend i caught an episode on channel 11 of a show called NY Residential. it was surprisingly good. one doesnt find much in the way of informative and entertaining real estate Tv that doesnt look like crap or bore you to tears. their website isnt too bad either, with archives of many of thier older video clips. anyone in the market, or anyone that just likes seeing nice apartments all over the city should check it out


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    Justin ...

    Fess Up. First post ...

    What's your connection to the show?

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    Default thanks

    its a good show, better than that junk on cable....and i used to post here often when i was working ages ago, but lost all of my login info. thanks for asking

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    Not a huge fan. Beyond the technical -- the sound quality is lousy because they don't seem to mike the people correctly and the video is almost always washed out -- the show just seems pretty boring.

    You may like Open House NYC on NBC on Sunday mornings. A bit better -- technically much better -- but content wise, not by much. Seems so silly to do the $32 million UES townhouse walk-through then the $600,000 New Jersey condo.

    Too much Jersey and CT for something called "NYC" -- and lots of silly fluff -- here we do a closet make-over. Yeah! The guys installed some shelves. Wow.

    Both shows seem random, the brokers usually come off pretty silly and full of themselves, and the content is haphazard. Too random. Why not do 3 bedrooms in SoHo and focus on four of them? Show floorplans. Actually compare -- beyond the buyer's broker taking some schmuck to see two apartments they will never ever buy.

    Instead, they go all over the map. Here's how we lay down a new driveway! Filler!!

    So, yeah, try searching for Open House NYC on NBC on Sunday mornings and report back what you think

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    I did a lot of TV appearances when I was at the Post, and I have talked to some channels about maybe doing more real estate TV . . .

    here's what I don't get -- how do you make it visually interesting and NOT self-serving?

    TV shows don't want to pay for film, so then they invite brokers on to promote their listings. The listings are a source of free location shots, but then the brokers have to dance around like circus ponies to make the owners happy . . .

    If you could get around that problem, you'd have a really good show . .

    ali r.
    {downtown broker and author, "Diary of a Real Estate Rookie"}

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    Quote Originally Posted by LabradorLove View Post

    ... Open House NYC on NBC on Sunday mornings ...
    That show may have worked in a pre-meltdown world.

    Now it is simply obnoxious in its glorification of de-lush Real Estate.

    Back to Justin --

    You gave a very odd reply ("thanks for asking" ) to my question (which you've still not answered):

    What is your connection to that show you mentioned?

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    I thought Open House NYC was pretty silly pre-meltdown. Gaudy New Jersey McMansions and fluff about closets and driveways.

    But it is still more watchable than NY Residential. I don't know if it's me but the sound quality on NY Res is really really bad. Like everyone is speaking in a tin can. And the video is pretty poor too.

    If the OP likes NY Residential, it's worth checking out Open House NYC.

    Neither show really does it for me but since I can watch a whole episode in a 2 minute scan on the Tivo while waiting for the bagel to toast, it's no real loss.

    FrontPorch: the sellers' brokers don't appear in that segment where they take someone looking for an apartment to two places. It's just a buyer's broker and I don't know why they bother.

    Obviously, the seller is willing to have their apartment on TV. Why even bother with someone "looking" to purchase. Just show the apartments. Would speed up everything and make it less circus-like with the white SUV and the BS about the buyer's thoughts. Who cares which one they like better?

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    Million Dollar Listing New York. On Bravo Wednesdays 10pm. Gets more into the agents' competitiveness & personalities than Selling New York, but Ryan Serhant is HOT! If he tried to sell me Enron stock I'd buy it. Still watch Selling NY though.

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    Not a reflection on you but,
    I don't know how anyone can watch that's soooo fake- completely staged, and Ryan must be the only one who doesn't know he's gay

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    It's not staged, just overly-edited. Bravo does that to all their shows. Their reactions rarely match what was just said to them. And he is NOT gay. He just looks like he hasn't done a single day's manual labor in his whole life. He actually used to be a hand model. It would be better if he looked slightly rough around the edges but he's young, it'll happen. He only seems to like the bimbs (bimbos/bimbettes) though, & he's a narcissistic jerk but I don't care. On the other hand Fredrik is totally gay, & Michael seems like a nice guy as well as trustworthy.

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    Not staged...what drugs are ...
    Check out the comments at the bottom (plenty of pics of your honey as well).

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    Check out the comments at the bottom
    Oh, from a panel of experts?

    He looks good anyway.

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