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Thread: The Westport - 500 West 56th Street - Clinton - Rental - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Thanks, Howie

    Some info and pictures from the Westport website:

    The Westport -- One of the Premiere Luxury Rentals in New York City
    500 West 56th Street
    Phone: (212) 581-5858


    Studio starting at $1,895
    1 Bedroom starting at $2,495
    Corner 1 Bedroom starting at $2,695
    Junior 4 starting at $2,995
    2 Bedroom starting at $3,595


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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Very nice panos.

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Those pics make me appreciate Random House just a little bit more.

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    Default The Westport

    Recently opened Westport and *AOL Time Warner Center. 19 July 2003.

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    Default The Westport

    it looks crappy.

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    Default The Westport

    It's an average NY apartment tower. *Not architecturally distinctive; just a run-of-the-mill building with a relatively handsome facade.

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    Default The Westport is horrible. You do not want to live there.

    Quite simply, you do not want to live here. That is unless you like to live in a luxury building that has broken appliances, leaky pipes, foul smells, and seemingly constant jack-hammering. This building is less than 2 years old - doors should not be falling of their hinges (literally). We have also had numerous occasions without hot water. Every tenant that I know has complained about the Westport's conditions. And the standard response from the Westport is to do nothing.

    The Westport has routinely demonstrated that they are unresponsive and unwilling to take responsibility to remedy both big and small matters, repairs and grievances that are brought to them on an individual basis. The incredible turnover with the Supers and Service Managers only exacerbated the problems and frustrations of getting repairs done promptly, professionally, and satisfactorily. The massive turnover also led to a chronic lack of accountability and "it's not my problem....I didn't do it" mentality on behalf of the management. Instead of trying to fix the apartment problems brought to them, they direct their effort pointing the finger at someone else, ultimately leaving the resident with the problem still remaining and nothing resolved. Also, it's come to my attention that the Westport arbitrarily submits workorders into their maintenance log or sometimes they just don't even enter them. If your maintenance request goes unattended and you ask for an explanation for the delay, they say, "This is the first time we heard of the problem, there isn't a workorder for it." The Westport does this so that they can create a false track record of being a problem-free building. On an individual basis, the Westport can play these games, but on a collective and group basis, they can't. With all that being said, there will be a large exodous of tenants moving out soon. So all you potential renters beware. I do suggest, however, that before you sign on for 12-14 months of misery you should email a larger group of tenants with your questions. The email is Good luck.
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    Default Another unhappy former Westporter

    We were tenants at the Westport from Sept. 2003 through May 2004 and had a very similar experience. Infact, we left for a combination of reasons but one main one was medical and loss of income. We provided an appropriate departure letter three weeks prior to departure and requested a meeting to discuss our obligations but were verbally told it was OK! A couple of months later we were served with a dispossess notice. We contacted the lawyer on the notice, explained our departure, etc, and they finally responded with OH!!! OK we will take care of it don't worry about anything. Then about two months ago we heard from yet another Lawyer-one of those collection types, made them a small offer, explained again and they laughed at us. They have now served us with a Civil Court action which we have answered plus we are filing a counterclaim for all the problems that we experienced during our stay. One glaring issue is the truth in advertising brochure stating 24/7 Concierge/Doorman. As you probably know this never happened regarding the promised doorman. Does anyone recall whether there was a time that a key had to be used to enter the building after hours.

    Anyone possibly available to appear as a witness in our lawsuit against the Westport? And has there be any discussions regarding Class Actions?


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