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Thread: The Westport - 500 West 56th Street - Clinton - Rental - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default The Westport - 500 West 56th Street - Clinton - Rental - by Costas Kondylis

    AT&T Switching Center and the 500 West 56th Street, on Tenth Avenue, between 55th and 56th Streets. 11 January 2003.

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    Default The Foundry - Tenth Ave and 55th Street

    I like that pic of the switching station, that is massive compared to the three storie stations nearby my location.

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    Default The Foundry - Tenth Ave and 55th Street

    The building under construction is not part of the Foundry, it's the Anthem.

    500 West 56th Street/845 Tenth Avenue
    24 stories
    Costas Kondylis & Associates
    Under Construction 2002-December2003

    The Foundry Tower II
    510 West 55th Street *
    6 stories
    SLCE Architects
    Completed 2001

    The Foundry
    505 West 54th Street
    12 stories
    SLCE Architects
    Completed Spring 2001

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    Default The Foundry - Tenth Ave and 55th Street


    Site, Logistics, Design
    Challenge 500 W. 56th St.
    Development Team

    By David Chartock

    While project teams often face many hurdles in the design and construction of a building, in the case of 500 W. 56th St., it was the site and its logistics that created the toughest task for this project team.

    From the beginning, excavation and foundation work ran into rock. Not just a little bit of rock, but a large amount of rock that did not show up in geotechnical information and was therefore unaccounted for in design documents, explained Bob Schwartz, a project executive for Plaza Construction, the project's New York-based construction manager for this $75 million, 400,000-sq.-ft., 25-story, 371-unit apartment building.

    "We expected some rock, but it was more than we expected. In some areas, we had a vertical fault or seam which required drilling some heavy reinforcing rods into the rock and rest the footings on that," explained Norman Shapiro, a senior project manager with Laquila Construction of Brooklyn, N.Y., the project's excavation and foundation contractor.

    Shapiro said that approximately 1,500 cu. yds. of rock was excavated for the foundation. And, "as the rock was exposed, it was fractured and had fissures," Schwartz said.

    The foundation, Schwartz said, consists of a combination of spread footings and piles because the transition from spread footing on rock to piles was not indicated on the design documents.

    Overall, it is a 150-ton pile foundation, explained Moshin Ahmed, a managing principal with Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers, the project's New York-based structural engineer. In some cases, there are 40-ton piles along with spread footings.

    "Pile driving," added Schwartz, "had to be coordinated with our neighbors, many of whom have television and recording studios. On numerous occasions, we had to interrupt construction so they could record segments for their weekly broadcasts."

    In addition, excavation had to be coordinated with the structural engineer to determine what would be supported by piles and what would be supported on bearing rock. In some cases, the two were right next to each other.

    Site logistics and the installation of the foundation also involved the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), according to Bob Mannino, a project manager for Pinnacle Industries, the project's Mamaroneck, N.Y.-based superstructure concrete contractor.

    Mannino explained that NYCDOT has a sidewalk vault along 10th Avenue. This meant the owner had to obtain permits from NYCDOT to close the sidewalk on 10th Avenue so the foundation contractor could go out to the curb line to complete foundation work and then pour the first floor slab under a tight deadline.

    To meet that deadline, the entire project team worked in tandem to complete the 10th Avenue side of the project, Mannino added.

    The structural system includes 6,000 psi concrete columns and 4,000 psi and 5,000 psi shear walls. It is a concrete flat-slab construction with three transfer floors, one each at the eighth, 13th and 15th floors, Ahmed said.

    Continuing, Ahmed explained that the transfer on the eighth floor uses only the slab to transfer the column loads from above it to below it to two different column locations. Transfers on the 13th and 15th floors are concrete beams that transfer the building load from one set of columns above them to a different set of columns below them. The reason concrete beams were chosen as a transfer for these floors is because they were more cost-effective for these floors, Ahmed added.

    According to Costas Kondylis, a partner with the project's New York-based architectural firm, Costas Kondylis & Partners, "the building was designed as a contextual building with a six-story base that contains a four-story transition area, followed by a 24-story tower. The façade will feature red brick to conform with the surrounding buildings and large glass windows.

    Keeping the building down to 25 stories, Kondylis said, was a requirement. This was accomplished by creating the base of the building and setbacks. "We massed the building with the six-story base along 10th Avenue, followed by the four transition floors and then the tower. If this were not done, we would have had a 36-story building that would not have complied with the contextual surroundings of the area."

    Another architectural task was to maximize the amount of glass used and still have the structure appear as a masonry building, Kondylis explained. "This was done by designing the façade with geometric square patterns of brick and glass to create a distinctive geometry."

    Construction is expected to be completed by December 2003.

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    Default The Anthem - Tenth Ave and 56th Street

    My mistake, it's not called The Anthem just 500 West 56th Street for now. The Anthem is another project on 34th Street.

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    I've been wondering what the construction over there was. And great pic.

    (Edited by DominicanoNYC at 10:12 pm on Jan. 24, 2003)

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Isn't the Helena going up right around here? I remember reading about it in the Sunday Times Real Estate section. I gotta dig that out...

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Is the Helena by any chance being build on 62nd and Amsterdam.

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    The Helena
    57th and 11th Avenue
    37 stories
    Fox & Fowle Architects
    Under Construction 2002-fall of 2004

    Whats going on at 62nd and Amsterdam. Are sure thats the address?

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    No, but I'll post up a factual address by tommorow. If you take the M11 bus downtown look for a red crane at around 66th street.

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    The street is Brodway between 66th and 65th street.

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Thanx Derek, this should be a nice area to watch, especially with the West Side Ferry Terminal and Tower that is on the "skyscrapers and architecture" thread!

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    Quote: from DominicanoNYC on 9:52 pm on Feb. 5, 2003
    The street is Brodway between 66th and 65th street.
    That's what I thought you were talking about. Here's an earlier thread on it.

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    Default 500 West 56th Street at Tenth Ave

    The 1930 Brodway building doesn't lok too bad.

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    It is now The Westport. It is a Related Companies building

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