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Thread: Turtle Bay Towers?

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    I've noticed that Turtle Bay Towers, a coop bldg on 46th and 2nd, has recently been running a rather aggressive sales campaign. *But I just read *in NY Time archives that they have been doing this (e.g., trying to sell aggressively) since 1988! *I am considering buying, since their prices seem reasonable--but I am a bit worried. *Is anybody familiar with Turtle Bay Towers? *Could you perhaps tell us what's going on with them?

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    Default Turtle Bay Towers?

    check the realtors websites, believe there are a couple for sale..

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    Default Turtle Bay Towers?

    I am looking to buy in Turtle Bay Towers as well. *I just had a real estate lawyer do his due diligence on the building, and the building is very healthy financially. *It is over 51 percent owner-occupied with more contracts closing over the next few months. *The building continues to do new renovations. *From my real estate search in NYC, given the location and size of the units, you cannot beat the prices anywhere in Manhattan. *The bottomline is, with the transition to an owner-occupied building, there are some great price points for buyers. *Plus, the sponsor, Rockrose Development, has a good development history and is very successful with other buidlings in NYC.

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    Default Turtle Bay Towers?

    I hope Rockrose gets busy on the LIC Pepsi site development. *The buildings look pretty good on the website - about 7 residential.

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    Default Turtle Bay Towers?

    I have read the offering plan and amendments and *have done a lot of research on this building. *Rockrose has not been actively selling apartments at Turtle Bay Towers since 1988. *For a long time, because of market conditions and needed repairs, the unsold shares were marketed as rentals and were not for sale. *Since the apartments were put back on the sales market, they seem to be flying off the "rack".

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    the Turtle Bay Towers prices seem to be rather affordable in comparison to others in the vicinity. * I have a feeling they will hit you with extremely high monthly maintenance. *Has anyone heard anything about their fees?

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    Maintenance is relatively high, but even if you take it into account it's still quite a bargain. We've moved there recently and are very happy with our decision - lovely lovely spaces.

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    Default Turtle Bay Towers?

    Smells like spam

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