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Thread: List of rental buildings in NYC

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    Default Comprehensive database of buildings AND availabilities

    This site is not only every single rental building on the island, but its also a database, kept up-to-date and accurate, of every no-fee availability on the island. This is pretty much all you need:

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    Great information on this forum! I've been looking for NY apts for a long time and this is the best website I found You don't have to deal with any brokers.

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    Default Management companies in Queens?

    This is a great resource for apartment searchers like me! I was wondering if anyone has names or a site for management companies in Queens. Unfortunately, I can'[t afford to live in Manhattan even without the broker's fee. :-(
    Thanks in advance!

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    This is my first post. This list looks good, and I am a broker here in NYC.

    Also, the websites that have good no fee info are quite a help.

    Most of you have heard of .....

    Urbansherpa (mentioned above)

    NYCbits allows you to search buildings in a certain area...say the upper east side. You can search all the doorman buildings at once.
    Hope this helps!


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    Personally, I have been through the no fee apartment search several times. It is a real pain in the neck, but worth it if you have the time to spare.

    The biggest thing to watch out for is bait-and-switch schemes, whereby you show up to view an apartment, and are told that it was "just rented." Most agents are reliable and offer a lot of value, but there are some bad apples to be cautious of. Craigslist is the worst in this category, though it probably also has the biggest selection of no fee apartments. And many of them are not listed anywhere else.

    Of the sites listed above, I found Urbansherpa to have the best selection.

    If you would rather go directly to the buildings, Revaluate has the most complete list of no fee buildings that I am aware of.

    The Listings Project, is not exactly "no fee" (the fee is paid by the person who lists it), though it is a really good resource for finding good deals outside Manhattan.

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