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Thread: New luxury condos in Sheepshead Bay

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    Brooklyn Daily Eagle

    Development On Emmons Avenue to Include Marina
    by Linda Collins (, published online 12-26-

    Indoor Pool, Marina, Jet Ski Dock, Water Views, Restaurant

    SHEEPSHEAD BAY — "We will be targeting a special kind of market,"
    said developer Alon Even-Har, of his family's waterfront development
    in Sheepshead Bay.

    Obviously, that special market will include those who want
    unobstructed water views from their custom-built condominium, a lot
    of open space, private entrances to their units, private access to a
    marina, and to a spa that includes an indoor pool.

    "It will be very, very high end and it's going to look very
    European," he added, describing a large open piazza that is planned
    for the side of the project facing the street.

    The development, at 2908 Emmons Ave., will be called "The Marina at
    Sheepshead Bay." It combines two commercial spaces — a large one
    where a restaurant is planned and a smaller one that could be a
    store — along with the 19 residential units, as well as the spa that
    will have saunas, an exercise room and an indoor swimming pool, and
    the marina that will have spaces for jet skis as well as boats.

    The design is by Scarano & Associates Architects, with a design team
    that included Robert Scarano Jr. and Alexander Zhitnik.

    "We were going for a modern clean look with traditional elements,"
    said Scarano, who added that "the project was developed around the
    idea of creating two public spaces: one facing the street, the other
    facing the waterfront and marina."

    There will be about 57,000 square feet of building space on four
    levels, he explained, which does allow for a lot of outdoor space on
    the 10,000-square-foot odd-size lot that is wider at the waterfront
    than at the street.

    The odd shape of the lot and the restriction on height (the property
    is within the Sheepshead Bay Special District) created a challenge
    for the architects.

    "We wanted a view for everybody, we needed to build low, we wanted
    the maximum density, and we wanted to give something to the street,"
    said design team member Zhitnik. "It was challenging, too, because we
    wanted open space."

    The residential building ended up being K-shaped, according to
    Zhitnik, and with a varity of layouts for the units, which include
    triplexes, duplexes with private rooftop patios, and apartments. The
    public piazza that faces the street is above the spa; the tenants'
    deck that faces the water is above the parking garage (with two
    parking spaces per condo). The garage and deck will be built out over
    the water.

    "We are actually creating a boat," Zhitnik said.

    Units will range in size from 800 to 1,200 square feet for the four
    apartments; and from 2,500 to 3,000 square feet for the 15 triplexes
    and duplexes.

    Besides views from every unit, there will be fireplaces in every
    unit, floor-to-ceiling windows, French balconies, wood floors,
    laundry rooms and top-of-the-line appliances and countertops.
    Construction is also creating a challenge for the architects and

    The scope of the work will require more than the usual excavation and
    foundation work since they are building over water. Timber piles 35
    feet down are part of the plan. "It is not an easy construction,"
    said Zhitnik.

    With completion estimated at a year from now, it is too soon to
    discuss pricing, according to Alon Even-Har.

    Community members are not excited about what they say is a trend
    toward large residential projects along the Sheepshead Bay waterfront.

    Glad to hear that a restaurant is planned that will be visible from
    the street at this development, Steve Barrison, president of the Bay
    Improvement Group, still has reservations.

    "It's sad to see more condos going in where area residents say they
    prefer restaurants, yacht clubs, even bait shops, anything that will
    enhance the waterfront," he said by telephone yesterday from his
    office in Manhattan.

    Barrison said his group is actually a coalition of individuals and
    groups that are dedicated to preserving the main streets and
    waterfront of Sheepshead Bay.

    "We don't want to lose the waterfront. It's so precious to the
    community and the public and the area's quality of life."

    Even-Har, who said his family purchased this property — vacant land —
    about a year ago, believes his project will enhance Emmons Avenue.

    In addition to the commercial spaces that will face the avenue,
    marina slips can be rented by the public, "although condo owners will
    have first pick," and membership at the spa/health club will also be
    available to the general public.

    The Marina at Sheepshead Bay is one of several in the works for the
    family, which includes Alon's father, Joseph, and his brother, Oren.

    They completed several projects recently in Manhattan, have two very
    large properties in the works in the Bronx, and have acquired another
    waterfront property in Queens ("now that we are becoming water

    Their largest Brooklyn project to date is still in the planning
    stages. It will include the construction of about 93 houses along
    Shore Parkway ("not over water"). No architect has been selected for
    that project yet, he said.

    Alon Even-Har is also a builder. His company is E.H. General
    Contractors Corp. of Brooklyn.

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    I was wondering how they were going to fit all that onto the site... it's pretty small without a 'pier' element.

    Hmm... Shore Parkway and where?

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    From the Yahoo! group coneyisland2:

    Brooklyn Eagle Excerpt -

    The Breakers, at 3112-3144 Emmons Ave., was called that because "the
    whole building looks like breakers, or waves," said Kalman.

    She is also breaking away from Boymelgreen with this one, a project
    of Yachad Enterprises, with Jacob Pinson as the main partner.

    Still in the design stage, this is a brand new "over-the-water"
    waterfront development with 74 luxury units in three-story town
    houses and one three-story separate apartment building.

    Kalman's goals were to create "a neighborhood village" of homes and
    apartments with views and places for people to congregate; and to
    include a 60-foot wide visual corridor extending across the entire
    site from Emmons Avenue to the bay, "opening the view of the water to
    neighbors walking or driving by along Emmons."

    Additionally, the planned landscaping, with benches and picnic
    tables, and the marina and boardwalk will create the desired
    atmosphere of a resort community, according to Kalman.

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    Default Oceana condo sells for $2.5 million

    Brooklyn Eagle -

    Condos Selling at $900/Square Foot
    At Oceana in Brighton Beach
    by Linda Collins (, published online 05-14-

    `700' Mark Reached in Total Home Sales at Oceana
    BRIGHTON BEACH — Oceana Condominium and Club in Brighton Beach has
    achieved two milestones in recent months, the developer, Muss
    Development Co., announced this week.

    Sales have passed the "700" mark and units have recently sold for as
    high as $900 per square foot, which a Muss spokesperson claims is an
    all-time record for the borough.

    That spokesperson is senior vice president Diana Jabber, who said
    that one of the high-priced units was a 2,766-square-foot duplex
    penthouse that sold recently for $2.5 million.

    "There seems to be more demand for our homes today than there's ever
    been," she said. "We just can't build fast enough."

    Construction will begin this summer on two eight-story waterfront
    buildings at 125 and 135 Oceana Dr., with completion estimated for
    summer 2005. These are the 13th and 14th of the 15-building complex,
    and will contain a total of 108 more homes.

    After just three weeks on the market, homes at 65 Oceana Drive East,
    the latest high-rise building available for purchase at Oceana, are
    50-percent sold. That building, the 12th, is 12 stories high and is
    scheduled for topping out this summer and completion by December. Two-
    thirds of the 63 units are sold.

    Jabber attributes much of the development's success to its
    recreational facilities, including Club Oceana with its outdoor
    pools, sundecks, health spa and "dazzling" 70-foot-long indoor pool
    which features Roman-style columns and skylights that flood the pool
    with natural light.

    Designed by architects Sandy & Babcock International of San
    Francisco, and Manhattan-based Schuman, Lichenstein, Claman, Efron,
    apartment amenities include 9-foot ceilings, oversized windows, large
    balconies, marble-cad bathrooms, hardwood strip flooring, European-
    style kitchens, most with windows.

    The buildings have gabled and mansard roofs and design "inspired by
    classic turn-of-the-last-century architecture," Jabber said.

    There is also parking for 1,200 cars, a staffed gatehouse,
    beautifully-landscaped grounds, 24-hour security, and high-tech

    Ultimately, there will be 850 condos at the 15-acre complex that is
    bounded by the beach and boardwalk, Brighton Beach Avenue and the
    community of Manhattan Beach.

    In 2003, the development was named a finalist for "Best For-Sale
    Housing Community in America" in the National Association of Builders
    2003 Pillars of Industry Awards competition, sponsored by Freddie
    Mac. Oceana was the competition's first New York City finalist in
    many years.

    In 2002, the development was named a winner in the Brooklyn Chamber
    of Commerce's Building Brooklyn Awards competition, in the
    residential/multi-family category. For that award, the Oceana was
    commended for creating a park-like, beach-like feeling, for
    integrating elements of Brooklyn's architectural history (such as its
    use of terra cotta and brick, with green gabled roofs), for its
    impact on the community around it (new restaurants and retail shops
    have sprung up) and for adding to the local Brooklyn economy.

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    ^There's no brick involved. It's painted concrete.

    I'd like it more if the development was more diverse. Something like 85% of its residents are Russian.

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    Daily News

    Cruisin' toward future
    Kruger praises plans for Sheepshead Bay
    Now that a longtime eyesore is gone from Sheepshead Bay, plans to
    brighten the site's future are emerging.
    Last month, The Cartigan - a derelict former Coast Guard cutter that
    was submerged in the bay for more than 30 years - was finally hauled
    away. Now, a local politician is praising a city proposal to develop
    a full-service public marina along Emmons Ave.

    "We want to do something to keep the fishing fleet and bring in more
    dinner boats and other pleasure boats," state Sen. Carl Kruger (D-
    Sheepshead Bay) said last week. "For all too long, Sheepshead Bay has
    been the forgotten animal in relation to the city's other marinas."

    Kruger met last week with Parks Department officials to review a plan
    that calls for the construction of a customer service and staff kiosk
    at Pier 10 along with other improvements along Emmons Ave.

    Those improvements include floating docks for private recreational
    slips, refurbished walkways and fencing and a dedicated dock for
    kayaks and canoes.

    These upgrades, expected to cost upward of $450,000, will be funded
    by the Parks Department and through a grant from the state's Coastal
    Resources Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.

    The plan comes in addition to numerous other infrastructure
    improvements already underway in Sheepshead Bay.
    "It is a credit to the Bloomberg administration that they are
    creating interest in the area and all along Emmons Ave.," Kruger

    Such interest, the senator said, is keen in Brooklyn's nearby Russian
    community, where some entrepreneurs want to introduce yet another
    dinner cruise boat to the existing fleet.

    But with parking already at a premium and many of the boats that once
    made up the Sheepshead Bay fishing fleet now gone, not everyone in
    the neighborhood is happy with the prospect of another dinner cruise
    sailing out of Emmons Ave.

    "There are four dinner boats operating there now and there is no
    place to park," said Steve Barrison of the Bay Improvement Group.

    "Sheepshead Bay is not Boca Raton; it's not the South of
    France. ...," Barrison insisted. "Without any new parking, we have no
    need for additional recreational or dinner boats."

    Originally published on May 4, 2004

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulcrapek

    I'd like it more if the development was more diverse. Something like 85% of its residents are Russian.
    Bet the percentage is even higher than that. Still the $2.5 million figure blew me away.

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    Bay Plaza restaurant has been demolished on Emmons Ave. Permit went up this week at the site. 6 stories 48 units waterfront condo. Thats a big one. I have lost count on the number of condo complexes being built on Emmons. Think its over 10 now. A guy at the construction site today said his friend was offered over $900 thousand for a small house right off Emmons stuck between condo developments. I guess the developers are looking to extend their buildings. The guy took the offer. Amazing what is happening on Emmons Ave.

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    I'm starting to oppose the new develoments, simply for their nondescript/sucky architecture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulcrapek
    I'm starting to oppose the new develoments, simply for their nondescript/sucky architecture.
    You are not alone in your opposition dude. Most of the community wants to keep it a "fishing village" with disgusting old beaten down bungalows and empty lots. I love all the new development. I am not so into the architecture aspects as most here. I just want to see the Bay move forward like neighborhoods on the other side of Brooklyn have (ie. Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope etc.)

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    It has been moving forward at its own pace. I don't oppose development just for the sake of opposing it though. I'd rather no development than ugly scars on the neighborhood.

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder dude. You have said many times the Oceana condos are horrible looking. I see people taking pictures of those condos from the boardwalk. I can't count how many times people have told me how great the Oceana looks. Individual tastes. The condos on Emmons look great to me.

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    I may have posted this a few months ago but for those who haven't seen the Oceana here is a look

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    Oceana is tacky. The closer you get, the worse it looks. Those white balcony railings appear to be made out of PVC pipe. And the facade is an imitation of...what?

    Post some photos of the Emmons Ave developments. Let the forum judge.

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    I would rather judge by the real estate values. $2.5 million for a tacky Oceana condo is kinda cool!

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