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Thread: New York Times Tower - 620 Eighth Avenue @ W. 41st Street - by Renzo Piano

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    I agree Lofter. They seemed to have had quite an easy day today.

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    At least we know the rods are very strong.. or strong enough to hold a 130-150lb man.

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    Not just one 150 lb. man, but two.

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    Pics from the NY Times:

    Twice in one day, men scaled The New York Times Building in Midtown Manhattan. Each was taken into
    custody by police officers once they reached the roof.

    At about noon, Alain Robert, a French stuntman known for climbing tall buildings, scaled the New York Times
    building at 41st Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, clutching a bright green banner that read:
    "Global warming kills more people than 9/11 every week."

    As Mr. Robert made his way up the building, a crowd gathered on the sidewalk, pointing, gawking and
    capturing pictures and images with cellphones, digital cameras and video cameras.

    Mr. Robert weaved in and out of the ceramic rod facade, seeming to rest on the building's exterior beams
    every few floors before swinging himself back out the face of the rods to resume his climb.

    The second climber, 32-year-old Renaldo Clarke of Brooklyn, made the ascent shortly after 6:30 p.m.

    Evening rush-hour traffic was halted as onlookers
    watched the events unfold.

    Mr. Robert is famous for scaling structures like the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the Sydney Opera House in
    Australia and the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse Tower in Paris. He said he climbed The New York Times
    building to raise awareness about global warming.

    Mr. Robert was arrested by police when he reached the top of the building.

    He was escorted to a police car after he was brought down. He used no rope, harness or parachute.

    Mr. Clarke was also escorted out of the building.

    Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company

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    LOL at those last two. The frenchman with his disdainful sneer and the IT guy with a "what the hell did I just do?!" smirk. Those are priceless!

    (full disclosure: I'm roughly 72.5% french... roughly).
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    Atlanta father of NYC daredevil: He 'is not a nut!'

    Son of local couple scales Times building after famous climber pulls off same feat

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Renaldo Clarke Sr. never thought highly of daredevils.

    So he didn't think twice when he saw a TV news report about two men scaling the New York Times building in New York City.

    Until he learned one of them was his son.

    "That's my youngest son," the retiree told a New York reporter who called Clarke's southwest Atlanta home Thursday evening.

    Renaldo (Ray) Clarke Jr., 32, climbed the 52-story Manhattan building Thursday, behind another better-known climber: the notorious Frenchman Alain Robert, also known as Spider-Man.

    Both men were quickly arrested by New York police and are undergoing psychological evaluations in the mental ward of city's Bellevue Hospital Center.

    But the senior Clarke won't have anyone calling his son crazy.

    "I just want you to know my son is not a nut!" he said.

    The younger Clarke is a native New Yorker who works as an artist at an engineering firm in Manhattan.

    As news helicopters hovered overhead, broadcasting the feat live on TV, Clarke eventually made it to the top, where he was handcuffed by detectives and hauled away. The Times newsroom broke into applause.

    "He did seem apologetic," said Detective Peter Kecthely, who arrested Clarke. "He knew that he was endangering us and the public."

    Both men climbed the latticework facade without safety harnesses or ropes to draw attention to separate issues: global warming and childhood malaria.

    David Goldman/AP
    Renaldo Clarke Jr., whose parents live in Atlanta,
    slowly climbs up the New York Times building.

    Clarke's dad watched the climb on TV in his Atlanta home but had no idea it was his son on the building.

    "When (the reporter) started mentioning the malaria issue, I knew that was him," Clarke said.

    Clarke said his son became passionate about preventing the mosquito-borne disease when the head of the engineering firm he works for began championing the cause. During his climb, Clarke wore a shirt reading "Malaria No More," the name of an organization that promotes awareness about malaria and raises money for bed nets. Martin Edlund, a spokesman for the organization, said the climber was not affiliated with the group.

    "My son was attempting to make a statement," said Renaldo Clarke Sr., 61, a retired Con Ed worker.

    Renaldo Clarke Jr. was no stranger to daring deeds, his parents said.

    His mother, Constance, said he kayaked from their home in the community of Far Rockaway in the borough of Queens, N.Y., to Brooklyn, just across the East River from Manhattan.

    "He started rock climbing and wall climbing when he was maybe 20," she said. "He keeps me on my knees (praying)."

    A stunt in which he scaled the Brooklyn Bridge several months ago to cross the famed landmark at its highest point made his father call for a stop to the climbing.

    "I spoke to him about it," the father said. "I thought this business was all forgotten."

    Family photo
    The younger Clarke was no stranger to daring deeds,
    his parents said.

    The younger Clarke grew up in Queens with his parents and three siblings. His parents retired and moved to southwest Atlanta three years ago.

    They say he's always had a drive to help others, and that is what spurred him to pull this stunt.

    "When he gets involved in something, he's very passionate about it," Constance Clarke said.

    A chagrined Renaldo Clarke Sr. said he learned Thursday night that this was the third building his son has scaled, though he doesn't know where the first two buildings were.

    There won't be a fourth, he said.

    "That's not going to happen again," he said.

    Copyrightę 2008 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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    Default Like his father's going to stop him somehow???

    Come to think of it, global warming and malaria kind of go together -

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    Some great shots from inside, courtesy of a friend.

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    Great ^

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    WOW, I get dizzy just looking at the photos. How could they have been so confident that the rods wouldn't break loose or snap.

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    Was yesterday a windy day in New York?

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    No it was a perfect day to climb!

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    Default I have a feeling

    this will be the beginning of a new trend.

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    Predictions for the next tower/building to be climbed in or out of New York?

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    So... speaking as an architect, I have to wonder what kind of claims will be made against Piano?
    Heh, as if the falling ice wasn't bad enough.
    When I first saw Piano's high rise in Germany using the rods, my first reaction was that it was what Fay Jones would have done if he had designed a skyscraper, however, you can't build in New York what looks great in Arkansas.

    If I were to propose a fix, it would be a complete glass barrier 100% at the perimeter, cantilevering out. It's either that or removing the rods entirely for the first few stories.

    Chalk another one up to lack of foresight.

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